8 WWE Women Who Look Better Without Makeup (And 7 Who Need It)

The women of WWE have been called "the most beautiful women in the world" on a number of occasions, which means that the women who are coming through the ranks in the company right now still have this moniker to live up to. Obviously, WWE has finally turned a corner and no longer wants to employ women solely based on the way that they look, even though the recent Mae Young Classic caused a lot of controversy when it was revealed that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn didn't think that many of the women were attractive enough to work for the company full-time.

The company continues to take two steps forward and one step back, which means they are in a position now where they have a number of talented female wrestlers that work for them, but many fans think that they don't live up to how beautiful these women are supposed to be compared to the Divas of the past. At the same time, while some of these women look absolutely incredible without makeup on, some of the more beautiful women in WWE clearly need the help of makeup to stay at the forefront of the fans' minds.

The following list looks at eight WWE women who are forced to wear make-up to live up to the standards that were set before they arrived and seven who are beautiful enough to be able to appear on national TV without it.


15 Without: Bayley

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Bayley's biggest downfall has always been the gimmick that WWE gave her. Bayley is a talented female wrestler, but there is only so far a child-like gimmick can take Bayley on the main roster. The former NXT Women's Champion was a hit on the NXT brand, but ever since she's been promoted Bayley's career has hit something of a slump.

There is no doubting that Bayley is beautiful, but she would have to be to pull off her character. Unlike many other women on the main roster, Bayley can't put a lot of make-up on because her character is one that is supposed to go for a much more natural look. Bayley is one of the women who got into WWE because of her talent, which could be why her beauty is often overlooked.

14 Need: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has been put on a pedestal by many members of the WWE Universe over the past few years which means that she has been forced to put forward an image that her fans will accept. Sasha has gone as far as even dying her hair purple, which shows just how fake Sasha's image on WWE TV actually is.

Sasha looks completely different without all of her makeup but it just goes to show how much WWE relies on the way their women look in order to push them into big storylines. Sasha isn't by any means unattractive without makeup, it just seems that WWE would prefer to put forward this made-up image of her, which might inadvertently set a bad example to the young girls who see her as a role model.

13 Without: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is someone who managed to step into WWE without any experience as a wrestler and has already made it to the top after only a few years of training. Alexa seems to have taken to the business as a natural and her beauty has definitely played its part in allowing her to win over the WWE Universe.

Alexa could have been put into the same group of women who didn't spend any time on the Independent Circuit, but instead, she has set out to prove that experience isn't everything in the wrestling world. Alexa's obsession with cosplay has also played a part in her rise in popularity over the years because she is a self-confessed nerd, which only serves to make her even more attractive to many of her fans.

12 Need: Shayna Baszler

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Shayna Baszler was the runner-up of the inaugural Mae Young Classic back in the summer, a tournament that many WWE executives stated didn't reach a level of beauty that the WWE were used to when it came to female talent.

WWE now tries to concentrate on the ability of their female wrestlers rather than what they look like, but there are still a number of officials backstage who want the women's division to be all about looks once again. Shayna is a former MMA fighter, and she isn't a woman who has ever cared about what she looks like in a fight. But when she comes to the main roster she will also be forced to look the part when she's thrust onto national TV, because that's just the way society sees female wrestlers.

11 Without: Lana

Lana is someone who was signed to WWE based on her looks and promo ability. As a former dancer, model and actress it is expected that Lana should look as beautiful as she is, which is why she has also become a popular face with the WWE Universe over the past few years. Lana's beauty caused problems for her when she was trying to be a heel character because fans couldn't help but cheer for her.

Lana was part of the 2013 Diva Search (a competition that she didn't win) but impressed enough to be offered a WWE contract. Even though she is usually seen wearing a lot of makeup on WWE TV or as part of Total Divas, Lana isn't scared to share images like the one above to show that she is just as stunning without all of the filters and camera effects.

10 Need: Nikki Bella

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No one knows what it's like to be in the spotlight and the centre of negative attention quite like Nikki Bella. Much like her husband-to-be, Nikki divides the opinion of the WWE Universe on a regular basis and has been doing it throughout her career, since she is another female wrestler who reminds the WWE Universe of the throwback time of Divas.

Nikki and her sister Brie were signed following the Diva Search but Nikki has managed to claw her way to the top over the past decade by proving that she has what it takes in the ring. Nikki has been able to improve over the past few years, but she is still in a position where she relies heavily on makeup to give her the confidence she needs in front of a fanbase that can be quite unpredictable.

9 Without: Natalya

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Not only did Natalya luck out when it came to the fact that wrestling ability was passed down in her blood, but it seems that she managed to win the genetic lottery as well since she is one of the most beautiful female wrestlers in WWE both with and without makeup.

Nattie is also one of the best female wrestlers that the company currently has, which begs the question as to why Nattie hasn't been pushed to the top of the ladder after more than a decade with the company. Lana recently mentioned that her promo skills are the reason she has been held back, but many women in WWE in the past have been able to make it to the top without having to cut life-changing promos in the middle of the ring.


8 Need: Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox is now considered to be a veteran in WWE after more than a decade with the company, but incredibly Alicia is one of the women who was signed based solely on her looks. John Laurinaitis found Alicia in a catalogue a number of years ago and offered her a WWE contract based just on what she looked like alone.

Given this fact, it would be expected that Alicia would be one of the most stunning female wrestlers that the company currently has. Instead, it seems that she is another woman in the locker room who is reliant on makeup to ensure that she lives up to the harsh standards that society has set for women over the past few years, which means that there is quite a difference between the two images of the former Divas Champion both with and without makeup.

7 Without: Paige

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Paige was set to be the woman who changed the WWE for the better. At just 21-years-old she was the first ever NXT Women's Champion and the Divas Champion and she set the main roster alight with her skills that hadn't been matched in the women's division for a long time.

This all came crashing down to nothing when Paige's escapades of the past year became public knowledge, but the company have not been prepared to give up on someone that they thought was a wise investment. Paige has been wrestling most of her life because it's the only life she knows. Lucky for WWE that Paige fits into the category as one of the most attractive and talented female wrestlers that they currently have.

6 Need: Charlotte

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Charlotte could very well be the best female wrestler that WWE has on their roster right now, but even though she won the genetic lottery by inheriting her father's insane wrestling ability, it seems that she also inherited his looks as well.

Charlotte is someone who has been the victim of a lot of negative conversations about the women's division over the past few years, with many of the WWE Universe claiming that the former NXT Women's Champion wasn't attractive enough to be on the main roster. Charlotte obviously then became reliant on makeup to ensure she kept to the standard that the women before her had set when it comes to how a female wrestler should look. Deep down she should know she shouldn't be forced to wear that much makeup, as her talent should be allowed to speak for itself.

5 Without: Maryse

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Maryse is a former Divas Champion in her own right and to her credit was able to learn to become quite an impressive wrestler in a short amount of time after she was signed to WWE following the 2006 Diva Search.

Maryse is currently married to The Miz and the couple are expecting their first child in the coming months, which seems to have only added to the natural glow that Maryse already had. Being French-Canadian obviously helped her when it came to her beauty because it seems that unlike many of the female wrestlers in the locker room, Maryse looks just as beautiful without makeup as she does when she's wearing it. She doesn't even have to try to look amazing, she manages to look flawless effortlessly.

4 Need: Eva Marie

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Eva Marie actually won the 2013 Diva Search along with JoJo Offerman, which is why the two women were cast in the first season of Total Divas. Eva is someone who has been on the cover of Maxim magazine and been voted one of the most attractive female wrestlers a number of times, but like many of the other women, she heavily relies on makeup to maintain this look.

As the image above shows, Eva looks completely different when she isn't wearing makeup, something that she shared on an episode of Total Divas. It must be hard to be that reliant on makeup, but it's something that Eva has become used to over the past few years since she worked as a model before she was employed by WWE.

3 Without: Nia Jax

"No Makeup" look 😜💄💋

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Nia Jax comes from a family of well-known wrestlers and has definitely inherited a number of the qualities that her famous Samoan family has become known for. Nia has to be one of the most beautiful female wrestlers that the company has right now, which could be why the company decided to make her eyes the main focus of her entrance, Nia's skin colouring is something that is the envy of many of her fans worldwide.

The former NXT star has posted a number of videos and photos online to show her fanbase that she is forced to wear a lot of makeup for shows, but she is still a regular person underneath it all. Nia's beauty has definitely allowed her to be pushed this far in WWE and it could be one of the reasons why she continues to be so successful.

2 Need: Carmella

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Carmella came through the NXT set up with a number of other women like Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax, where she was mostly used as a valet. When she was then promoted to the SmackDown Live roster and forced to be a full-time wrestler, she became the victim of a lot of abuse from the WWE Universe who thought she didn't deserve to be there.

Carmella has also joined the cast of Total Divas for the current season and mentioned on the latest episode that she was called a horse by her fans on Social Media. As seen from the image above, she is another superstar who has to rely on makeup and camera filters because she is afraid of the abuse that the WWE Universe hand out if they don't feel that a wrestler is attractive enough.

1 Without: Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan burst onto the scene a few years ago as part of NXT and recently made headlines because of her somewhat public break up with current Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore.

There is no doubting that Liv is absolutely stunning, which is perhaps why she has managed to be pushed onto the main roster of WWE so quickly over the past few months. The former Hooters employee has been blessed with a level of beauty that WWE definitely knows how to promote and it is something that has allowed her to gain a lot of popularity in the WWE Universe throughout her career. The image above shows that Liv definitely doesn't need makeup, but when you're appearing on national TV, it's natural to want to ensure that you look your best.


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