Wrestling is all about variety and that is why we see performers of all different shapes, sizes and overall looks. This is represented today more than ever with WWE wanting a diverse roster in every aspect imaginable. It used to be a belief that Vince McMahon only wanted tall wrestlers on the roster with most signings being 6’3’’ and above with similar body types. WWE has abandoned that belief in recent times. Guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan becoming the biggest new stars of their era helped change what WWE looked for in talent.

Today, we see the best wrestlers and most marketable performers get signed to contracts. There are wrestlers of every height working today. We often can’t tell how tall someone truly is until you see them compared to other wrestlers side by side. Some wrestlers exude a taller presence than their true height due to the way they present their look or other variables that benefit them. Others don’t appear as tall as they truly are for the opposite reasons. We’ll take a look at both sides of the height chart in WWE. These are eight wrestlers that are taller than you think and seven that are shorter.

15. Taller: Jinder Mahal 6’5’’

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Despite the many changes going down in WWE, Vince McMahon still has a preference for taller performers. Many of the taller wrestlers will get afforded an opportunity thanks to his belief in them being stronger. Jinder Mahal is someone to benefit from this as McMahon randomly decided to push him to the moon following WrestleMania 33 as the company looks for new stars.

The current WWE Championship reign of Jinder has been quite disappointing, but WWE seems committed to it in the long run. Mahal never seemed that tall in the past given his history as an enhancement talent. At 6’5’’, he’s one of the taller wrestlers on the roster today. The height and muscular physique of Jinder are leading to him receiving the biggest push of his life.

14. Shorter: Neville 5’8’’

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The dominance of Neville in the Cruiseweight Division has helped turn his career around. Neville was struggling to get television time following the brand split after his return from injury. The Cruiserweight Division failing to get over on television and Neville having nothing to do was the perfect combination. Neville joining the Cruiserweights helped both the division and his career.

The fact that he’s working with wrestlers in his size range makes it easier to forget his height of 5’8’’. Neville often looked like the shortest person on the roster due to standing next to wrestlers significantly taller than him during the majority of his WWE career. Now that he’s wrestling with the style of an intense heel and in the same height range as his peers, it is easy to forget Neville is actually quite short for a WWE star.

13. Taller: Charlotte Flair 5’10’’

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Second generation star Charlotte Flair is one of the tallest women in the female division today. The fact that Charlotte has unbelievable athleticism makes it even more impossible to believe she’s pushing six feet tall at 5’10’’. The smaller wrestlers are usually the ones that can easily pull off aerial moves such as moonsaults. Charlotte does them better than anyone else in the Women’s Division at her taller height.

Anyone can tell Flair is not a 5’3’’ wrestler but the actual height is a bit surprising. Charlotte is taller than a lot of the men on the WWE roster. Prior interviews have seen her reveal that she was insecure about being taller and stronger in the Women’s Division out of fear that it wasn’t what the company wanted from her. It all obviously worked out as she’s one of WWE’s brightest stars today.

12. Shorter: Kalisto 5’6’’

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Kalisto is the shortest man on the WWE roster at just 5’6’’. The fact that Rey Mysterio was the same height helped Kalisto receive an opportunity on WWE’s main roster. WWE wanted to find a new masked luchador to appeal to the young audience and the Latin demographic following the departure of Mysterio. Kalisto has struggled but definitely has the talent to earn more opportunities down the road.

WWE plays up the smaller stature of Kalisto when he’s facing taller wrestlers but very few could guess his actual height. 5’8’’ is usually the shortest height WWE would have allowed on their main roster as Daniel Bryan just made the cut to get a contract. Kalisto is one of the few short wrestlers that you have to see in person to really process his size.

11. Taller: Erick Rowan 6’8’’

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The Wyatt Family featured some of the most physically intimidating wrestlers joining together under the leadership of Bray. Luke Harper’s height was appreciated but it gets lost how large of a man Erick Rowan is. Rowan is one of the tallest wrestlers in WWE today at 6’8’’. Harper flying all over the ring helped impress the audience as a tall guy.

Rowan wrestles a more traditional style that just makes him come off as another tall wrestler. The actual height of him nearing seven feet tall gets lost when comparing him to other wrestlers. That makes it even more surprising that WWE has done nothing of note with him. Rowan’s only major feud as a singles wrestler came against Big Show who did not help showcase his height. Fans are starting to forget how Rowan looks, let alone how tall he is given his lack of TV time recently.

10. Shorter: Brock Lesnar 6’3’’

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Brock Lesnar is not a short man by any means, but the vast majority of audience views him as significantly taller than he is. The strength and mass of Lesnar makes him comparable to the likes of The Undertaker and Big Show. Those guys are seven feet tall and Brock is nowhere close to that. The actual height of Lesnar is listed at 6’3’’ putting him in the slightly above average height range for WWE stars.

It’s almost hard to believe this is an accurate measurement since Brock seems more physically imposing than everyone else, but it’s clearly true. The presentation and other strengths of Lesnar make him look like a taller man than he actually is. Lesnar however finds his way as one of the most shocking wrestlers when it comes to being shorter than perception.

9. Taller: Braun Strowman 6’8’’

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Braun Strowman is currently getting a monster push as one of the most heavily protected stars in the company. WWE has gone out of their way to protect Roman Reigns more than anyone else yet gave Braun two clean victories over him on PPV. This further confirms all rumors that Vince McMahon is the biggest supporter of Strowman becoming a star of the future.

Everyone is impressed with the size of Braun but very few realize he’s one of the taller wrestlers in WWE today. Strowman is listed at 6’8’’ making him taller than the vast majority of his peers. The Summerslam main event of monsters will see Strowman tower over Reigns, Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar as he’s at least five inches taller than them.

8. Shorter: Kevin Owens 6’0

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The height of Kevin Owens is definitely surprising given the style he wrestles. Owens is one of the best brawlers on the WWE roster and he looks to be taller than a lot of his peers. The fact that a lot of the other wrestlers on the roster are under six feet tall makes Owens look much taller. Owens also has more mass that makes him stand out as someone physically imposing that wrestlers don’t want to mess with.

A match against Randy Orton showed a huge height difference between the two wrestlers that made you realize Owens’ actual height for the first time in WWE. Almost every other match combination has Owens appear taller than he is. Owens standing out so well with his ring presence makes you shocked at finding out his real height.

7. Taller: Bayley 5’6’’

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Bayley has always played the underdog character during her WWE career and it is what has led to her success. The storytelling makes her seem shorter than a lot of her peers just due to the fact that she’s the one getting beat until her comeback. Bayley is however taller than the majority of the women’s wrestlers she faces.

At 5’6’’tall, Bayley is taller than the likes of Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Emma. The height of Bayley is very misleading due to the underdog she plays. Most underdogs play their smaller size comparative to opponents, but she rarely has that aspect to storytelling unless she’s facing Charlotte Flair. It’s a great testament to Bayley that she can play her role so well despite being taller than a lot of her rivals.

6. Shorter: Alexa Bliss 5’1’’

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The shortest woman on the WWE roster is actually one of the toughest. Alexa Bliss being short is referenced on WWE television but it’s shocking to realize her actual height. Bliss is just 5’1’’ making her journey to the top of WWE an improbable one. Despite being the smallest woman on WWE television, she’s a significantly better heel than most. It’s the polar opposite of Bayley with a rare small wrestler working as the villain.

Bliss is among the shortest athletes you’ll find in any profession, but she can keep up with the best of them. The success of Alexa on the main roster has seen her jump over just about every other woman with more name value. Bliss has become the most successful woman dominating both SmackDown Live and now the Raw brand.

5. Taller: Cesaro 6’5’’

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The athleticism, speed and agility of Cesaro could rival any of the Cruiserweights. Cesaro is clearly one of the most talented men in WWE, but it’s easy to forget just how tall he is. At 6’5’’ in height, he’s among the taller wrestlers on the WWE roster today. You don’t truly process it due to him flying all over the ring and wrestling with the style of a smaller star.

Many fans believed Cesaro would become a main eventer in WWE after his highly success independent wrestling career due to his taller height. Vince McMahon usually loves the taller wrestlers, but Cesaro is not one of his favorites in the company. Cesaro is one of the rare wrestlers in WWE to never benefit from his height.

4. Shorter: John Cena 6’1’’

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John Cena is a larger than life superhero in the landscape of WWE. The massive physique and reputation helps make Cena look bigger than anyone else in the ring despite not being that tall in the world of wrestling. Cena actually used to be one of the shorter wrestlers in WWE before the recent change in philosophy at 6’1’’.

The legendary career of Cena makes you assume he’s closer to 6’4’’ as WWE’s ideal height. Instead, Cena is barely over six feet tall and is in the same height range as most of the other WWE stars today. Cena did appear shorter against the larger stars of past eras, but he no longer has to worry about that. The height of Cena is definitely shorter than what anyone would guess from watching WWE television.

3. Taller: Dean Ambrose 6’4’’

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Dean Ambrose’s lanky figure makes his taller height misleading to realize. Many people would guess Ambrose as the shortest member of The Shield, but he’s technically the tallest if you look at their listed heights. Ambrose is actually 6’4’’ and taller than a large percentage of the roster in general. The fact that Ambrose isn’t as ripped or a muscular freak as his size in WWE makes it less believable.

Ambrose is never referred to as one of the taller main eventers in WWE today by anyone in the company or by the fans. The career of Ambrose has also gone downhill over the past few months with WWE viewing him negatively. Regardless, Ambrose is way taller than you likely assumed when you really look at his height compared to his peers.

2. Shorter: Chad Gable 5’8’’

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Not many people would guess Chad Gable is one of the shorter wrestlers on the roster since he was involved in a tag team with Jason Jordan for such a long time. Tag teams usually get linked together and you don’t notice any individual strengths or flaws at first glance. One of the major reasons that Vince McMahon split up American Alpha is that he believes Jordan is far more valuable than Gable.

McMahon is known for not believing in shorter wrestlers and Gable’s height definitely adds to that. Gable is listed at 5’8’’, one of the shortest wrestlers in WWE today. The size of Gable is typically of the wrestlers you’ll see in the Cruiserweight Division. Gable is however on SmackDown Live trying to get over as a singles talent. Most fans aren’t even aware of Gable’s height since he’s never been presented as a smaller wrestler.

1. Taller: Randy Orton 6’5’’

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Randy Orton is not viewed as one of the taller wrestlers in WWE based off his perception. The changes in WWE with many shorter wrestlers joining the company and becoming main eventers have helped show just how tall Orton actually is. Orton standing across from the likes of Kevin Owens or A.J. Styles and towering over them provides the perfect comparison height to Orton’s advantage.

At 6’5’’ tall, Orton is significantly taller than the average human and now taller than the average wrestler. WWE used to only hire wrestlers around the same height as Orton but the times have changed. Many fans still view him under the old perception and that makes it tough to truly realize his height. Orton is one of the tallest WWE main eventers right now and it seems to have happened out of nowhere.

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