9 Current WWE Stars That Should Never Take Off Their Yoga Pants (And 6 Former Divas That Shouldn’t Either)

As Buzz Lightyear would say in a meme, Yoga Pants! Yoga Pants Everywhere! The invention of yoga pants can be put up there with ice cream and buffalo chicken wings, oh it’s true, it’s damn true. As a culture, we’re obsessed with either buying yoga pants or looking at beautiful women in them. It’s like God decided to give us a present and put a small seed into someone’s head to create the fashionable fitness attire.

If you want to go back into the history books and find out where the fabric spandex really came from, you'll have to research Joseph Shivers. In 1949, the inventor was trying to find a substitute for rubber. A few years later he would create the fabric that we all love today, spandex. Little did Shivers know that in 2017 the comfortable material would be a multi-million dollar industry.

What goes well with yoga pants? A WWE Superstar rocking them of course. We have some beautiful ladies lined up for you in this article. We have both current and former WWE talents that will stop you in your tracks if you saw them in yoga pants. If you’re ever in a pinch to buy a loved one a gift, you can’t go wrong with yoga pants. We hope you enjoy.


15 Former: Cameron

My causal I didn't pose for the camera pose!🤣

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For five years Cameron worked with the WWE as a wrestler but she never really stood out compared to her other colleagues. In 2011, she would compete in WWE’s Tough Enough program and would work in their developmental system for a year. Debuting at the big leagues as one-half of The Funkadactyls, Cameron would be involved in many segments but never came close to a championship.

In 2016 she would be released from her contract but by all accounts, she still looks very good in yoga pants. These days she has a YouTube channel about staying fit and is also co-hosting Two on Where which will air on Extra TV. A return is possible for the 29-year-old but there is one condition we would all like to see, she must wear yoga pants.

14 Current: Sasha Banks 


She’s the boss so we can’t tell her to keep the yoga pants on forever but it does seem like she enjoys wearing them. Born in California but raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Sasha Banks is one of the crowning jewels of the women’s revolution in the WWE. Not only is she a shining example of the hard work women in the WWE go through, she also proves the NXT development program is one of the greatest features the WWE has ever installed in their company.

After working the indie circuit for two years, Banks would be signed by the WWE in 2012. She’s one of the Four Horsewomen of the WWE and has racked up an impressive resume so far. A feud with Alexa Bliss could be the hottest thing this summer.

13 Current: Liv Morgan


If you know who Liv Morgan is, you would know she loves representing her home state of New Jersey. The beautiful wrestler was a competitive cheerleader before beginning her journey in the wrestling industry. The great thing about her is she truly loves the industry and has been a hardcore fan her entire life. After being noticed in 2014, she would sign a developmental contract with the WWE.

Since then, she has been making the rounds in NXT and is starting to become a known commodity. The buttery blonde hair, beautiful figure, and hunger to be a great wrestler can give her a great advantage to succeed. She has slowly climbed the women’s division in NXT and a title shot could be coming this year.

12 Former: Stacy Keibler 


Before wrestling, Keibler was a cheerleader for the professional football team the Baltimore Ravens. The long legged Superstar would make her wrestling debut for WCW in 1999 after winning a contest to become a new member of the Nitro Girls. WWE knew they had something special when they bought out WCW. They would make her a manager but also put her in lots of titillating gimmick matches.

It’s a shame we didn’t have Instagram back then because Keibler in yoga pants in her prime would burn eyes because she would come off as so hot. Even after wrestling, modeling, and a movie career, Keibler is still a smoking Goddess today. She’s not the type of lady to make any appearances in the WWE since retiring so we'll take any public media content she puts out today.

11 Current: Eva Marie 

You may dislike her because she isn’t a great wrestler but if you’re attracted to females then you know very well that you would love to see Eva Marie rock yoga pants 24/7. Her beauty is so captivating she was quickly signed to WWE’s reality television series Total Divas in 2013. More of a personality talent than a wrestler, Marie has appeared on countless WWE programs as the hot babe every girl is jealous of and every guy wants to be with.

With the trademark red hair, Marie is someone that doesn’t go unnoticed, especially if she’s wearing yoga pants, although she recently turned to brunette, still looking jaw dropping nonetheless. Recently, Marie has not been seen on any WWE programs besides the reality show. Her days in the company could be numbered, but until then, she’s still considered a wrestler.

10 Current: Alexa Bliss


At just 25 years old, The Goddess of the WWE can make most fans eat out of the palm of her hand. Her looks and skills are being compared to another notable alum, Trish Stratus, and so far the comparison holds up. She would make her wrestling debut in 2013 after being involved in professional bodybuilding.

It took three years for her to be promoted to the big leagues and since she’s been there, she has lit a fire in the WWE Universe, the same way Batman’s nemesis Bane lit one in Gotham. She may be petite but has a nasty side to her character which the fans love. Bliss not only turns heads but also became the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Championships this year.

9 Former: Brandi Rhodes 

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You may be asking yourself why Brandi Rhodes is on this list, she isn’t a wrestler. Well, Rhodes technically did work one match for the WWE way back in 2011 under the former developmental brand Florida Championship Wrestling. Known more as a backstage talent in her time in the WWE, there is no denying how beautiful she is. She’s so beautiful that the grandson of a plumber married her in 2013.

Before wrestling took hold of her journey in life, Rhodes was a competitive figure skater. She never lost her fit figure as you can see in the photo. Today, she travels with her husband, Cody Rhodes, and has performed in wrestling matches for several companies. The power couple could come back to the WWE, where they both belong, but only time will tell.


8 Current: Naomi 

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This may be a stretch but you could say Naomi is the most improved wrestling talent in the WWE as of 2017. Since becoming a member of SmackDown Live, Naomi has been bursting with charisma and energy. Critics will say she has just a flashy entrance but you can also make the case she has been doing a great job in the ring compared to several years ago.

She has been with the company since 2009 but didn’t win a championship in the big leagues until this past year. She has the attitude and curves to be a top contender in the women’s division for a long time so get used to it. It’s a shame she couldn’t be involved in the first women’s Money in the Bank match but we’re still "feeling the glow".

7 Current: Lana 

If the sexy Russian accent doesn’t convince you Lana is a melting pot of hotness then maybe her beautiful body can do the trick. Although she plays a Russian heel on television, Lana is as American as you can get. Born in Florida in 1985, Lana began her journey into entertainment as a ballet dancer. She would perform in New York City and attended Florida State University for dance and acting before switching over to a modeling career.

She took her talents one step further and started to perform as a backup dancer for many well-known talents in the music industry. Lana would break into Hollywood and appear in movies such as The Game in 2011 and Pitch Perfect in 2012. Since WWE signed her in 2013, she has skyrocketed up the charts in the WWE Universe.

6 Former: Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson’s beauty is as timeless as Shakespeare and if you really need proof you can take one look at her in yoga pants.

Before wrestling, Wilson was tearing up the fitness competition world and won the 1998 Miss Galaxy contest. She decided to pursue acting but got hooked on wrestling when she attended a wrestling event with her boyfriend at the time. She got to go backstage at a WCW event and was asked to be the valet of Scott Steiner. Her career would take off faster than a rocket climbing into outer space.

The blonde bombshell would become a member of the WWE when the company bought out WCW and two years later she would be on the cover of Playboy magazine. Wilson hasn’t been around the WWE in years but the WWE Universe would gladly see her return.

5 Current: Maryse 


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The Miz and Maryse are holding it down for the WWE. You can say what you want about Miz and his past but since the brand split the guy has been nothing but gold for the company. A cocky egomaniac always needs a beautiful manager at his side and Maryse is the perfect fit. Today, the real-life couple can be seen on the Raw brand in a lengthy feud with Dean Ambrose.

The only thing missing from the tandem is Maryse rocking yoga pants to the ring every week. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Maryse got her start in the industry in 2006. She was part of WWE’s Diva Search program and would sign a developmental contract. A decade later she is still as beautiful as ever, especially in yoga pants.

4 Current: Nikki Bella


When the Bella twins first came to the WWE Universe, they were met with harsh criticism. They seemed more like eye candy than legit wrestlers but the sisters proved their critics wrong time after time. Nikki Bella may never be the greatest female wrestler in the industry but she’s done a lot better than most of her generation. Her beauty is undeniable and that’s why the biggest alpha male in the business, John Cena, decided to marry her.

She’s taken her licks, gone through surgery, and can hold her own in the ring, so what’s not to like about the beautiful lady from Arizona? Currently, she’s on hiatus for several reasons but will most likely be back in the ring in the future. Did we forget to mention she looks extremely hot in yoga pants?

3 Former: Kelly Kelly 

Kelly Kelly would become one of the youngest females to sign with the WWE when she agreed to a contract at the age of 19 in 2006. Working as a model, Kelly was spotted by the WWE and asked to come in for an audition. She would not only wrestle but also was involved in officiating and worked as a ring announcer for the former developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling. From 2006 to 2008 she would work under the ECW brand and became a household name known across the globe.

Her character was all about being titillating and sexualization as she would tease the fans with a strip show. She would win one WWE Diva Championship before retiring in 2012. She recently served as an ambassador for the company and is interested in returning if needed.

2 Current: Mandy Rose 


The WWE Universe noticed Mandy Rose when she became a contestant on WWE Tough Enough in June of 2015. She was given a developmental contract when the blonde bombshell from New York placed second overall in the competition. Before wrestling, Rose attended Iona College and began a career in the fitness competition industry. Not only did she do well as a novice, she was also crowned 2014 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Champion.

With an athletic bill and her gorgeous features steadily becoming more and more noticeable after each NXT appearance, it’s only a matter of time before Rose becomes one of the biggest attractions in the WWE Universe. Until she reigns supreme as a Women’s Champion, you can find Rose on the fifth season of WWE’s reality television show Total Divas.

1 Former: Kaitlyn 

Some would make the argument that Kaitlyn is hands down the winner of this discussion, whether it be involving former or current WWE Divas rocking yoga pants. Yes, we can safely agree that Kaitlyn has a top notch booty which looks mighty fine in yoga pants. Known as Celeste Bonin via social media, her pictures certainly speak for themselves as the 30 year old has over half a million followers.

Her WWE career is now a thing of the past, her new fans now know her for those mouthwatering Instagram pictures she posts. Bonin is now in the fitness industry working as a model.  Whether it be with yoga pants or some steamy swimwear, this former WWE Diva is must see. If you don't believe us, a quick search will certainly turn you in no time!


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