9 Former & Current WWE Divas That Were “Wild” Backstage (And 6 That Were Saints)

This list features the most PG women of all-time, along with the most Rated-R Divas behind the scenes!

The life of a professional wrestler is a difficult one that involves being on the road for nearly two-thirds of the year or more. Unless your family travels with you, chances are you won't get to see them very often, which is why the majority of wrestlers either stay single by choice, by fault of their own (ruined marriages), or date others who are in the industry. But even then, being on the road with the same people all year can result in some challenges. There's a lot of pent-up energy and frustration among wrestlers and sometimes the best cure is a risque relationship or fling with a co-worker; not only that, it can get pretty boring on the road, so who are we to criticize wrestlers for engaging in a fling or two throughout their career?

That said, there are several Divas - past and present - with a reputation that extends well beyond simply having a backstage fling. While we admit it's a tad unfair to single out those women with promiscuous reputations, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention we've done the same thing with male wrestlers multiple times. Hey, it's just the nature of the business, and who doesn't enjoy a good backstage scandal? Conversely, there has also been a number of past and present Divas who have quite the opposite reputation - they stay out of the backstage drama and live seemingly peaceful lives without any rumors attached to their name.

15 Wild: Ashley Massaro


Expectations were high for Ashley Massaro after she won the 2005 Raw Diva Search, but unfortunately she never really amounted to much in the ring, although she has since found some success in modeling and other forms of media; her stint in WWE also led to her posing nude for Playboy, so we can thank both her and the company for that.

14 Wild: Maria Kanellis 


Maria shares a lot in common with Ashley Massaro. Both appeared on the Diva Search and both posed for Playboy - in fact, Massaro recently shared a photo on Instagram of the two beautiful Divas posing alongside Hugh Heffner, the Playboy founder who recently passed away. They were also both known to cause quite a bit of drama among the men backstage, which isn't surprising, because who wouldn't want to get close to either Diva?

13 Saint: Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus was everything fans - and Vince McMahon - wanted in a Diva during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras. She was a big-chested blonde bombshell who could play the heel or face with equal effectiveness and became an incredibly competent in-ring performer after debuting as a manager with T&A (Test and Albert). And, believe it or not, for all of her incredible sex appeal, she is hardly mentioned in backstage gossip or rumored stories, even after all these years with former stars willing to shoot on co-workers.

12 Wild: Melina


A two-time WWE Divas Champion and three-time WWE Women's Champion, Melina worked with the company from 2005 to 2011, during which time she made headlines not only for her in-ring success, but for her backstage antics. Regarded as a self-righteous Diva who thought she deserved even more than she had been given from the company, she was equally hated by several Divas and male wrestlers.

11 Saint: Becky Lynch

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"The Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch was the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion and is arguably one of the most talented women on the roster. Though perhaps underutilized at this point in her career, she is capable of putting on a good match every time she steps into the ring. That could be because of her incredible commitment to the craft combined with the fact that she's rarely mentioned in gossip surrounding WWE personnel.

10 Wild: Kelly Kelly


Even in marriage, it's clear that former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly can't be tamed. The flexible, beautiful, blonde bombshell recently divorced former NHL player Sheldon Souray after only one year of marriage. Souray is much older than the 30 year old WAGS LA star, and there hasn't been any news on why the couple split, but if her history in the WWE is any indication, it could have something to do with her wanting to see other men.

9 Saint: Maryse

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Maryse is another WWE Diva that doesn't often come up in tabloids or gossip sites, which is surprising given she's arguably the hottest woman in the company who, like Becky Lynch, has an accent that accentuates her hotness. It's also surprising given the fact she grew up in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, but hasn't really fell victim to the bright lights and fame offered as a WWE Superstar.

8 Wild: Mickie James


Again we come to a Diva who has been long associated with John Cena, which is rather sad because, ignoring all the backstage gossip and rumors, Mickie James is one of the most talented female workers in the past decade or so, and perhaps of all-time, depending on who you ask. However, if you've seen her scandalous photo shoot before she joined the WWE, it might not be a surprise that she's been the subject of controversy backstage.

7 Saint: Naomi

Marriage seems to be the way to maintain a relatively gossip-free career in the WWE (although the same can't be said for John Cena and a couple of the ladies still to come on this list). That remains true with Naomi, who has been married to Jimmy Uso since 2014 and is rarely ever mentioned for anything but her in-ring abilities and accomplishments (Okay, and her incredible booty).

6 Wild: Missy Hyatt


This one is an absolute no-brainer selection. Regarded as The First Lady of Wrestling (and not exactly for her in-ring abilities), Missy Hyatt is rumored to have hooked up with a laundry list of former WCW and ECW wrestlers; in fact, she even confirmed a lot of the names in her aptly-titled book, Missy Hyatt, First Lady of Wrestling.

5 Saint: Alexa Bliss


Before we delve too deeply into the idea that Alexa Bliss is a saint backstage, we have to acknowledge the fact there have been rumors from former NXT workers who have claimed "Little Miss Bliss" has had a number of personal interactions between the sheets with fellow wrestlers. Those rumors stemmed from a blog post from an "anonymous" poster on The Dirty, which is about as refutable as a the success linked to Jinder Mahal's title run...

4 Wild: Paige


If the description of young, wild, and free involves having intercourse on camera with a co-worker and using the WWE Divas Championship as a... you know what, we're not even going to get into it. You know what happened, and you know it's about the wildest thing on record in recent years that we know of from a WWE Diva.

3 Saint: Natalya

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Nothing about "The Queen of Hearts" Natalya gives a sense that she is - or has been - promiscuous backstage. If you've watched an episode of Total Divas, you know she's totally committed to her husband, Tyson Kidd, and you also know that she's a consummate professional who prefers to be surrounded by her cats instead of putting herself in a position to draw backstage heat because of her actions. In a sense, she comes across as the mature mom of the group of Divas on the show.

2 Wild: Lita


Lita and Trish Stratus redefined the Women's Division during the Attitude Era; although the company was promoting sexuality in a way it had never done before, both Divas managed to put on some of the best women's matches the company had ever seen. But unlike Stratus, who has been in a stable relationship for decades, Lita has had her fair share of controversial relationships.

1 Wild: Sunny


Where to start? The former WWE Diva who helped usher in the Attitude Era with unparalleled sexuality might be even more wild today than she once was, but she's certainly not young nor free (she's 44 years old and has been arrested multiple times for burglary and drug-related offenses). She is, however, the star of a Vivid Entertainment film titled Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor, which we don't need to explain for you to know what it's about.

While Sunny was with Chris Candido, whom she managed, until his death in 2005, she was rumored to have had backstage affairs with a multitude of wrestlers, the least of which were two of the company's biggest stars: Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Michaels even referenced the Hart affair rumor on an episode of Raw, which led to a backstage confrontation. The Montreal Screwjob happened shortly after and Sytch left the company the following night on Raw.

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9 Former & Current WWE Divas That Were “Wild” Backstage (And 6 That Were Saints)