9 Pictures That’ll Make You Question Hulk & Brooke’s Relationship (And 6 Of Nick & Linda)

"I’m SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship” - Brooke Hogan

Those were the words uttered by Brooke a couple of years ago via Twitter. In this article, we challenge that very statement and show little Brooke exactly why many are so skeptical about when it comes to the relationship between herself and daddy Hulk. In truth, the entire family seems to have a little bit of a twist to them, even son Nick and mother Linda have some weird pics together available online. We’ll let you guys decide if the mother-son duo are pushing limits in the six photos featured in the article.

To the family’s credit, each of them are now wisely laying low. Brooke is apparently starting her own wrestling promotion, Linda continuously tweets about charitable causes and Nick is doing what’s best and that’s laying low working his craft as a musician. As for papa Hulk, he too is living life on the down low, which is truly a good thing.

In this article however, we take a look at some of the most disturbing pics of the family from the past. These are nine pictures that’ll make you question Hulk & Brooke’s relationship, along with six of Nick and Linda. Enjoy!

15 Brooke & Hulk – The Recent Instagram Post

Grateful. HH

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We start the article off with a post published by Hulk through his Instagram account, now we know what you’re thinking, “Hulk uses Instagram?” The answer is yes, and although he might be older in age, the veteran does a great job of staying in the loop via such platforms as well as Twitter and websites like The Sportster. We give credit to Hulk for that.

What we don’t give The Hulkster credit for however is the slew of bizarre pics taken alongside his daughter. For some reason, he’s holding her like a darn trophy. Now thankfully the comment section isn’t littered with inappropriateness but we have reason to believe Hogan pulled a Matt Hardy and went the DELETE route on the negativity. Adding to the twistedness of the pic, Hulk’s hand is unreasonable close to Brooke’s breast.... Seriously Hulk, out of all the places to place your hand.

14 Nick & Linda – Nick’s 21st Bday... With Mom

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We now switch focus to other bizarre photos featuring the Hogan family members, these slew of pics are dedicated to some awkward pics featuring the controversial son Nick and “Not So PG” almost 60 year old, Linda. Unfortunately (or fortunately), thanks to likely The Sportster, Linda has gotten rid of her Instagram account but hey, there’s still tons of Intel out there in terms of the creepiness between the two.

Just imagine, you're turning 21, out and about in Vegas with your buddies at a prestigious night club, seems perfect right? Now imagine someone telling you your mom’s going to be there? Nightmare for most, yes, but apparently not for Nick. Linda tries her best to fit in with the young crowd rocking a low cut skirt and pulling the wink but in reality, she ain’t fooling anyone brother.

13 Brooke & Hulk – Hulk Creeping On His Girls

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Adding even more twist to the scenario, Hogan decided to marry a chick that almost looks identical to his daughter in Jennifer McDaniel. In truth, that just made things even more twisted, but we’ll have more on that a little later.

While the trio enjoyed a day by the pool, Hulk is caught creeping in the back as the three are leaving. Why is The Hulkster so far back, is he trying to enjoy the view? Given his past, some would likely believe so. After all, his wife and daughter are also wearing some “Not So PG” swimwear, which is a little much to be quite frank, but Hulk is likely loving it as his two favorite human beings are flaunting their goods while Hogan, well, likely ogles from a far.

12 Brooke & Hulk – The Early Days

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If you didn’t know Hulk and Brooke you’d think this was a picture of an old man scoring big with a younger chick. This is a throwback shot of the two and my oh my how smoking Brooke looks in the picture.

Some would argue the twistedness began a long time ago, specifically during the launch of Hogan Knows Best when the world finally got to see the relationship between the two. The premise of the entire VH1 show surrounded Hulk trying to get his daughter a music contract, though, that came with lots of restrictions as he was crazy over-protective of his daughter.

The same trend would continue for years and years, even today Hulk still treats Brooke like his little girl as evidenced by the content we have to our disposal (and that he himself called off his daughter's wedding). Some just find it hard to establish whether he’s just way over protective or pushing the boundaries of being a creep... This article doesn’t help his case.

11 Nick & Linda – Boat Party

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The relationship between Nick and Linda is much more low key, and in truth, recent pics of the two are few and far between nowadays, maybe they’re in a fight over a bottle tab at a nightclub? In any event, the mom and son duo have a slew of awkward pictures, usually taken with alcoholic beverages in their hands. This one, sees the Hogans partying it up together on a boat, again, imagine attending a boat party with your mom rocking her “surgically enhanced” assets in a bikini... no thanks, we’d rather dive head first Ric Flair style into a dirty pond than do something like that.

Nick instead has chosen option "A" time and time again, this “Not So PG” pic is one of the many you’ll see in this article with Linda flaunting the “money makers”.

10 Brooke & Hulk – The Tweet Of Doom

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This was a prime example as to why those over 60 should not be using social media by any means. Poor Hulk, what were you thinking brother? Known as the “Tweet of Doom” (trademarked and patent pending by The Sportster), Hulk posted this creepy picture of his daughter on Twitter writing “Brooke’s legs”. As you can imagine, Twitter was as the kids say “lit” following the tweet. Everything about the tweet was just so bad, especially bad that Brooke didn’t even know her dad snapped the damn pic as she stares into space while Hulk proudly takes the photo.

Things got so bad that not only did Hulk remove the photo from his account but Brooke herself was forced to acknowledge the incident and defend her father. Ironically, it wouldn’t be the first time she had to take such measures for her dad and his inappropriate behavior.

9 Nick & Linda: More Clubbing With Mom

Mom came to vegas!!! 😝😝😝 @Firebeatz at Marquee

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We could have done an article alone on; “The Top Linda and Nick Hogan Club Moments”, number 15, "Nick picks up pre-drinks at 7-11 while mom tanks bottled wine in the car before night out”. Okay, we exaggerated a little, but seriously, the slew of clubbing pics featuring the two is way too much for most of our standards. If our mothers would show up to a club, we’d think it would be because we forgot something at home, or she has a sandwich in hand or something...

For Linda and son Nick, the encounters are all about the party life. In this shot posted by Nick, mother Linda travelled all the way to Vegas in order to party with her son at the prestigious Marquee night club. In the words of Hulk, oh brother!

8 Brooke & Hulk – The TNA Story

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Seems like Brooke is set to manage her own wrestling promotion but the details are still unclear as to what that entails. Her history in pro wrestling hasn’t been the greatest, her only true involvement came with TNA and the storyline she was thrust into did her no favors. Brooke’s involvement was of the “Not So PG” nature and that’s quite bizarre given the fact that Hulk had major power in the company.

Her story she was most remembered for featured Hogan linking up with Bully Ray. The two would get it on backstage and even share intimate moments in the ring while Hulk watched on. Out of all the possible storylines to use with his daughter in, how in the blue hell did they land on Brooke hooking up with a dude in his 40s? Yup, bizarre...

7 Nick & Linda – Double Date With Mother

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Following her divorce to Hulk, Linda clearly wasn’t thinking correctly seeking revenge. Not only did she sue Hulk for 70% of his total assets, but she also decided to play the field, opting for a younger man, who in truth, was way too young. Linda began to date Charlie Hill in 2008. Wait for it, Hill was 19 at the time while Linda was 48! So basically, she was dating someone the same age of her son Nick, who was a year younger at the time... Good heavens.

The awkward picture above basically sums up the relationship as the two wouldn’t last. Hill would take things a step further trying to sue his ex-girlfriend for un-paid labor work around the house. Thankfully, these creepy double dates are in the past. Just imagine double dating with your mom alongside a dude your age.... no thank you, we’ll take a leg drop to the throat instead.

6 Brooke & Hulk – A Little Too Similar

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All jokes aside for a second, with Hulk’s life in complete shambles, Jennifer McDaniel played a big hand in rebuilding Hulk mentally. After the two met, Hogan got his groove back and began to be himself again after the crushing blow of destroying his family due to an infidelity scandal. They began dating in 2008 shortly after the separation and by 2010, the couple was married and have been together ever since.

Now for the creepy part, both Jennifer and Brooke seem like nice, genuine people, but in terms of looks, the glare a creepy resemblance and one that many claim makes a lot of sense given Hulk’s weird relationship with his daughter. In the picture above, you’d seriously think they were mom and daughter, even more than Brooke and her actual mother Linda.

5 Brooke & Hulk – Weird Bday Party

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Hulk, seriously bro, we love you dearly for your in-ring career but man, outside of the ring, it’s things like this that make us scratch our heads. This picture is truly preposterous when you assess that on this day, it was Hulk’s birthday. Now just imagine in the future, you’re a dad, and have a daughter and for your birthday, they unveil a naked picture of her in a cage. Oh, and you’ll pose in front of the photo with her, while she does a kissy face and you point at her.....

Yup, this is real life, and that’s exactly what Hulk did for his birthday a couple of years ago. Out of all the days in the year, did it really have to land on his date of birth? At least he enjoyed some cake to wash down his sorrows after the event.

4 Nick & Linda – Boat & 4th of July

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This might not sound right, but a lot of us wish Linda was a little less patriotic as she rocks the “Not So PG” bikini top. Even in a recent picture posted on social media, Brooke showed herself alongside Linda, once again, rocking a skimpy American themed beachwear. Linda clearly didn’t get the memo that when you rock double letters in bra size, you need to buy bigger attires that fit those darn things. Poor Nick can’t even make eye contact with his mother in the photo.

Sticking with Nick, to his credit, he’s finally taken a backseat to the controversy as he was constantly making headlines for negative news. Nowadays, he’s laying low making music, which is what’s best. You can follow his journey via Instagram.

3 Brooke & Hulk – The Tanning Debacle

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Unintentionally, Hulk has been caught in some seriously sticky situations and its harmed his legacy. Of course, going on a racist tirade during a leaked adult tape was far worse, but this situation also didn’t do him any favors. Red flags were raised after this photo was taken by an onlooker.

The shot shows Hulk inexplicably rubbing cream on his daughter’s backside. It’s one thing to put cream on her back but an entirely different sort of thing to put on her bum. Even more disturbing is the fact that his wife Jennifer is literally right there, HOW THE HELL COULDN’T SHE HAVE PUT THE CREAM ON BROOKE HERSELF. WHAT WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN! WHY AM I YELLING!

In any event, it seems like Hulk had the magic touch.... this picture really pushed the boundaries and had us questioning the relationship.

2 Nick & Linda – One Last Club Pic

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We close off the slew of disturbing Nick and Linda pictures with one last club picture featuring the two. This looks like a shot of a young lad scoring big with a cougar and proudly posing for a picture so he can show his friends the next day. But no, this is another shot of a mother and son partying it up at a nightclub.

She’s off Instagram now, likely thanks to us. Though, you can still keep track of Linda through Twitter. To her credit, she’s scaled back on the amount of “Not So PG” pictures and instead, has taken more of a positive route, even wishing well on her ex-husband for his recent donation. Also, don’t you guys find it weird that she still uses the Hogan family name?

1 1.Brooke & Hulk – Oh Brother!

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This picture is one of the very worst and quite frankly, we’ll leave it to your imaginations. Poor Jimmy Hart is just there awkwardly in the background, oh the amount of creepy things that poor dude must have seen during his time with Hulk. For the entire Hogan family, it’s best such a disturbing picture is deleted off the internet, no matter what the context of this behind the scenes pic truly is.

For Hulk, he remains in hiding at the moment which is best for his legacy. The Young Bucks have continuously teased Hogan to join the Bullet Club but at this point, we aren’t really sure where he’ll end up. Despite all his disturbing past antics, most wrestling fans wouldn’t mind seeing him back in the ring (in a non-wrestling role) at some point.

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