20 "Crazy" Wrestlers Who Are Actually Sweethearts In Real Life

In order to succeed in the wrestling industry, a wrestler has to not only show compelling skills inside the ring but also has to develop a proper gimmick or character for themselves to excel in their companies. While there are many gimmicks like those who resemble superheroes or some conniving villains, there are other really intriguing ones: the really "crazy" characters bring in a lot of intrigue to the product. These characters are not only maniacal, but are also pretty scary at times, as fans get terrified at just how mad they can act to get the audience's attention and add a unique layer to the product.

We've seen so many out of the ordinary, bizarre characters over the years in professional wrestling, as the WWE loves to bring in more and more of these characters to get the attention of the fans. These wrestlers can also be really dangerous because of how crazy and diabolical they are, and can freak out a lot of fans with their craziness being displayed in the wrestling ring and outside it as well.

While these wrestlers might seem dangerous when they are on TV, they are actually very kind people when not portraying their characters and are sweethearts to fans and colleagues alike. So let's have a look at the 20 "Crazy" Wrestlers Who Are Actually Sweethearts In Real Life.

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20 Lord Tensai

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Lord Tensai was quite the dangerous character in the WWE a few years ago, when this Japanese Warrior-inspired gimmick started to show signs of diabolical craziness. Tensai would crush his opponents and seemed to be really broken in the head, as the heavyweight had a good tenure that turned bad later on when he teamed up with Brodus Clay. While he might've been crazy in the ring, Matt Bloom is actually quite the kind person outside of it. Bloom is a real fan of the wrestling industry and has transitioned from a wrestler to a trainer superbly, as he's a sweetheart to his trainees at WWE NXT and is like a father figure to many of them. He's also very kind with fans and loves to talk to people, as he's been kept in the WWE for being a sweetheart and a good coach and will go a long way because of his good nature, which wasn't really seen during his time as the crazy Tensai.

19 Kane

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Kane has been terrorizing wrestlers in the WWE for almost two decades now, as the Big Red Monster started to show a maniacal side to him once he took off his mask and went absolutely berserk after that. He put a number of wrestlers through a lot of pain and his deranged methods, but Kane isn't anything like his terrifying character when he's off-screen. Kane is actually a very friendly and kind individual off the screen, as this monster is loved by everyone for how good a servant he has remained for the WWE over the years. He is also very good to the fans off-screen and never denies them an autograph or a picture with him, as the Big Red Machine even started his campaign to become the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee recently. Kane might be a disturbed figure in the ring, but he's a lovable human being outside it and has been a kind-hearted person in the WWE for a long time now.

18 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt might have the "whole world in his hands," but he definitely has a crazy side to him where he uses his diabolical methods to get into the heads of his opponents. Wyatt might have his own enchanting way of getting popular, but he's actually quite the weird, insane character who can do anything at any time. Despite being this type of a calculative, terrifying individual on the screen, Bray is actually a very kind-hearted person off it where he is beloved by almost everyone because of how nice he really is. Bray has the love of his colleagues for being a real nice guy in the locker room and although he barely interacts with fans, he did it one time for a sick child on Twitter and won over everyone's hearts. Wyatt might be someone you cannot trust in the WWE, but outside he's a very sweet-natured human being who is liked by everyone because of how friendly and kind he is.

17 Victoria

Victoria might not be remembered by a lot of fans, but she was quite a wacky diva back in the "Golden Era" of Women's Wrestling and gave the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita a run for their money. She was on top of the Women's Wrestling scene in WWE for quite a long time with her unhinged, crazy character and won the Women's Championship twice as well. While she might've been a dangerous individual in the ring, she was actually pretty cool outside it as she's been quite a sweetheart to fans over all these years. Victoria has a good name of attending meet and greet with fans and loving to interact with them, as the crazy diva is actually quite friendly towards fans outside the ring and is a complete opposite of her deranged character which terrorized many in the WWE back in the day.

16 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn might have portrayed a number of weird gimmicks in his career, but he's far from crazy personally as Saturn has remained as a very good human being for a number of years now. Saturn portrayed a fanatic figure in WCW, before moving to WWE where he was forced to portray a mentally unstable character who was obsessed with his mop. Despite portraying his insane characters really well, Saturn remained a sweetheart to his colleagues and made some life-long friends in WCW in the likes of Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. He'd also be a real-life superhero when he saved a woman from getting raped in 2004 and got shot by the attackers as well, as he'd feel the aftereffects of it later on. He got addicted to the wrong kind of drugs and disappeared from the wrestling scene for a number of years, before reappearing a married man who was now unable to wrestle. Saturn is now a man who can't work and needs to be taken care off, as his story is quite the sad one as this kind person has gone through some miserable periods in his life despite being a sweetheart to everyone around him.

15 R-Truth

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R-Truth has been quite the quirky fellow in the WWE for years now, as the entertaining wrestler attained a different gimmick when he started to bring his imaginary friend "Little Jimmy" to the ring a few years back. His heel work at the time was actually quite unsettling, as he's kept his crazy, bizarre nature by making some comic mistakes over the years. Despite being quite the insane fellow in the ring, Truth is actually an amazing guy outside it as he loves to interact with the fans and attends a lot of meet and greets for the fans. He's also a loved fellow in the back as almost everyone loves him for the sweetheart that he is, as the weird, entertaining fellow is actually a very good person outside the ring as well.

14 The Blue Meanie

via AllwrestlingSuperstars.com

The Blue Meanie was quite the bizarre character as the member of the "Blue World Order", as his weird look-up and mannerism made for quite the insane character. He debuted in ECW where he wrestled some crazy matches, before he showed up in WWE where he wrestled for sometime as well. Meanie would always portray quite the crazy character but despite being that weird on screen, he was actually quite a sweetheart when he was not portraying his character. He was loved by most people for being a fun-loving, kind person and loved to hang out with the fans whenever possible as well, as Meanie loved to interact with the fans and was always a sweetheart to them. Despite being this creepy, weird guy on TV, Meanie has remained as a kind person who has a lot of friends because of his loving persona and has remained as a sweetheart over all these years.

13 Abyss

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"The Monster" Abyss has haunted TNA for quite a long time now, as this deranged person who loves to put people through a world of hurt has also managed to keep his terrifying nature intact over the years. Abyss might be this scary, crazy individual when wrestling in TNA, but is actually quite the opposite as he's a very friendly and kind person in real life. Abyss has devoted his wrestling life to making TNA better and is a loved individual in the company for being a sweetheart outside the ring, as he's also been very friendly and kind to the fans when not portraying his character and has never acted rudely towards them. Despite being the terrifying monster on-screen, he's a friendly person in reality and has been a sweet-natured person for a long time now, something which his crazy character has never been.

12 Al Snow

Al Snow is a guy who can be synonymous with crazy, especially if you take his time in the WWE during the Attitude Era into consideration. Snow was definitely "out there" as he had a plastic "head" which he'd bring to the ring every time and won many championships with. Snow literally had the words "HELP ME" written on his forehead, as he was definitely one of the more deranged characters of his time in the WWE. Despite being a crazy guy on-screen, Al is actually one of the real sweethearts in wrestling as he's always been great with his colleagues and is loved for that. Snow is also very kind to his fans and loves to interact with them and despite being remembered for being a wacko by many, he's shown to be extremely sweet-natured in real life and won over many because of that.

11 The Boogeyman

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The Boogeyman was definitely a terror for many when he was reprising his role as this disgusting, scary individual who was all sorts of crazy into one person. He'd have a feud with Booker T which put him over but couldn't really manage to become something very big in the WWE and faded away after scaring audiences for a few years. Despite being an individual with whom nobody would want to align with, The Boogeyman is a completely different person when he's not portraying his crazy character and is actually quite the fun-loving, kind man to people around him. Martin Wright, the person who portrays The Boogeyman is someone who is a sweetheart to his colleagues and fans alike and loves to hang around them whenever he's not portraying his scary character, as his actual persona is completely opposite to what he portrays on-screen as he's a sweetheart in his personal life.

10 Eric Young

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Eric Young has always been known for showing his crazy side inside the wrestling ring, as he portrayed a mentally unstable character on TNA and has been portraying a deranged one in NXT as well. Young portrays his characters so well that you cannot distinguish between his on-screen character and off-screen self, which is actually a kind-hearted gentleman who has the reputation of being really nice to everyone. Young is a real sweetheart to fans and loves to interact with them in meet and greets, as he's always kept a positive image to himself personally because of how sweet he is as a person. Young might be a mad man on-screen, but he's quite the opposite of it off the screen where he's a lovable person because of how friendly and kind he is to everyone around him.

9 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts was probably more diabolical than he was crazy when portraying his cold character, as he definitely had his own insane persona when he let his pet snake Damien loose on the wrestlers. Roberts might've been quite the crazy yet calculative individual personality in the WWE at the time, but when not having to portray that character, he was actually quite the sweetheart to the fans and colleagues alike. Roberts has always been very kind to the fans despite going through some difficult years battling his alcoholism, as he always takes the time to snap pictures with them or interact with them. Despite going through all the turmoil, Roberts still has the kind heart to interact and meet with fans as he's actually quite a kind-hearted individual when he's not portraying his sinister on-screen character.

8 Luke Harper

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Luke Harper is definitely deranged in the head when he's portraying his character on-screen, as the former member of the Wyatt Family is a crazy one who was a fanatic for Bray Wyatt before seeing the light. Harper is definitely the craziest one among the group, as he's got this bizarre nature and portrays it spectacularly in the WWE as well. Although he might be weird and crazy in the wrestling ring, he's actually quite a sweetheart outside it as he loves to hang around with fans despite mostly being a heel character and also does a lot of meet and greets with fans. Harper is also loved by the locker room as he has his own "Luke Harper Fan Club" of which Chris Jericho posted an infamous photo off in his social media a few years back, as Harper seems to be a fun-loving dude who's a sweetheart to fans and wrestlers alike in the back despite being a crazy terror when in the ring.

7 Terry Funk

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Terry Funk is the original "King of Extreme" in the wrestling industry, as Funk is an absolutely insane individual when it comes to wrestling in the ring and has over the years come out of his retirement numerous times to return to wrestling. Funk did stuff in the ring not many others would've dared to, as he put his body through much hurt just for the elation of the fans. Despite being a crazy individual in the ring, Funk is actually a sweetheart to the fans outside it and is also a very kind and supportive person when it comes to his colleagues as well. Funk has often put it all on the line just to entertain the fans who mean everything to him, as he's always interacting with them and never says no to a fan for which he became this insane character who is actually a sweetheart in real life.

6 Goldust

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Goldust is the definition of "Bizzare" when it comes to a wrestling character, as his weird, crazy character has been in the WWE for almost two decades now and is still going strong. Goldust might be a crazy character with whom not many actually want to align with, but despite all his craziness, the person who portrays Goldust that is Dustin Runnels is actually a very good person. Runnels is a sweetheart to his colleagues and is a very respected individual in the locker room for all the things he's done at the company and for being such a nice person in all these years, as he's also a sweetheart to the fans and never denies somebody who approaches him for a photo or an autograph. He might be absolutely bizarre in the ring, but Goldust is a completely different man outside it as he's a sweetheart who loves the product to absolute bits.

5 AJ Lee

AJ Lee was quite the crazy individual when she was ruling over the WWE, as her mad behavior and unpredictability made her a quirky character nobody would want to mess with or trust in. AJ was always up to some mischief or the other and was renowned for being the crazy woman that she was, but when she was not made to portray that crazy character, AJ is actually a sweetheart in real life. She's been amazing to interact and serve the fans and loves to be in a lot of meet and greet with her fans, as she's also a very friendly individual with her colleagues and made some great friends as well. She might've been a conniving, mad individual when she was ruling over the Women's Division in the WWE, but AJ is actually a lovable lady who is extremely friendly and an absolute sweetheart to everyone around her.

4 Stevie Richards

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Stevie Richards has portrayed quite a lot of "crazy" characters in his wrestling career, as he started as the devotee of Raven in ECW but later developed his own bizarre characters in the long run. He started acting crazily when in the WWE and later also in TNA, as he's also very compelling at the way he portrays these insane characters and looks like a nutjob from a wrestling point of view. But outside the squared circle, Richards is actually a very kind-hearted person as he's always been very good to the fans and loves to interact with people as well. He's also a sweetheart to his colleagues, as he loves to hang out with them and always loves to keep an ear out for suggestions to improve his work, as the ECW original might be crazy inside the ring, but outside he's quite a sweetheart.

3 Tommy Dreamer

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Tommy Dreamer has always been labeled as the man who put ECW on the map, but he also has a real crazy side to him which had allowed him to be this "extreme" as well. Dreamer was especially whacked during his initial days in the WWE, where he portrayed a disgusting, bizarre character of someone who'd do awful things like brush his own teeth and his dog's teeth with the same brush and drink the Undertaker's spit. Despite being quite the insane individual throughout his career, Dreamer has always been a sweetheart to the wrestling fans and colleagues alike as he never wanted to win a championship in ECW and wanted to put other guys over. He's been amazing to fans and has tried to recreate the ECW vibe with his own "House of Hardcore", as he's a real sweetheart in the wrestling business despite having a name for being quite crazy.

2 Mankind

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Mankind had all sorts of crazy stuff going through his head when he continued to hurt himself and other people in the WWE, as this deranged individual has to be one of the wackiest wrestlers in the company's history. He went through hell and back to entertain the fans and seemed to be mentally broken as well, but despite having to portray such a disturbed individual on-screen, Mankind is actually a great person in real life. Mick Foley has to be one of the nicest persons in the wrestling industry during his time, as he is so kind and friendly to his colleagues and fans alike that you cannot help but love him. Foley has remained as wrestling's sweetheart for a long time now, as he's a true lover of the product and despite having portrayed multiple crazy characters in his career, he has always remained a gentleman who you cannot help but root for.

1 Dean Ambrose

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"The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose is definitely one of the craziest characters to have entered the WWE, as this deranged lunatic has no regard for anything and just loves to put his opponents through a world of hurt. Ambrose rose from the Shield before becoming this crazy wrestler and has been portraying this deranged individual superbly throughout the years. Ambrose might be a lunatic on screen, but he's actually a very cool person off it as he's a real sweetheart in his real life. Dean has a lot of friends because of how cool he really is, as he's also very warm and friendly with the fans and because he himself grew up a wrestling fan, he can associate himself with these fans and loves to treat them every single week. Ambrose might be a crazy man who goes solo in the WWE, but he'd be nowhere without the fans and loves to pay them back for their support each week as well as being a kind-hearted person who loves to interact and hang out with fans whenever possible.

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