A Former WWE Star Says He Is Just 1-2 Weeks Away From Being Homeless

via wwe.com

Yes, for some a wrestling career can bring with it lots of money and fame, but that definitely isn't always the case. Just look at what has happened to former WWE, WCW and ECW star Perry Saturn.

Saturn, who suffers from "severe traumatic brain injury" is unable to work, making his wife a full-time caregiver, has a stack of bills piling up and says that he is only a week or two away from being homeless!

Saturn says he suffers from:

- Almost constant headaches- Sensitivity to light- Brain fog – losing time, basically- Inability to drive or work- Dementia

He is also one of the former WWE employees who sued the WWE last year seeking reparations for, as the claim goes, WWE's role in CTE injuries. The WWE is filing to dismiss the suit.

This is just a sad story any way you look at it. And if you want to help, Perry has set up a GoFundMe page for donations to try and reach his $100,000 goal. As of this writing, he has raised $23,617.

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