A-Lister: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Maryse

Even though Maryse has been around WWE for almost a decade now, she isn't a star who talks about herself often. So here are 15 things about Maryse tha

Maryse made her return to WWE the night after WrestleMania 32 and helped her husband win the Intercontinental Championship.

Maryse had been missing from WWE for more than five years, but she since she has returned to the company, she has only been used to manage her real life husband The Miz, rather than allowing her to step back into the ring.

At one point, Maryse was considered to be one of the best female wrestlers on the WWE roster and she was released from the company back in 2010 so that she could pursue some other avenues of employment. It also allowed her to spend more time with tHE Miz and then marry him.

It was thought that the main reason Maryse was resigned was because of Total Divas, because WWE really wanted the former Divas Champion to be part of the show. So they resigned her and allowed her to valet The Miz and star in the hit reality show.

Even though Maryse has been around WWE for almost a decade now, she isn't a star who talks about herself often. So here are 15 things about Maryse that ever WWE fan should know.

15 She Was Part Of The 2006 Diva Search



Maryse may have become a huge star in WWE over the past decade, but she actually began her WWE career by auditioning for the 2006 Diva Search. Obviously Maryse didn't win. Instead, it was Layla who won the contest, but WWE was impressed and signed her to a contract anyway.

It was during the 2006 Diva Search that Maryse first met her future husband The Miz. At this point, he wasn't being taken seriously by WWE either and was often used as a host for many WWE based projects, including the annual Diva Search. Maryse was the second person eliminated from the contest during a live episode of Monday night Raw. She was then sent to OVW along with Brooke Adams to train and learn ahead of her WWE debut.

14 She Is A Former Beauty Queen


Maryse auditioned for the WWE Diva Search after she had been part of many other beauty contests. Maryse was named Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2003 and even made it to the finals of the contest the following year, so she was used to the environment that WWE was throwing her into.

Her modeling career was a lengthy one and also saw her pose for the 2007 Playboy Girls of Canada Calendar. Maryse has also appeared on the cover of magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Sessions Magazine, Le Journal De Montreal, and MDA Show Of Strength. She was the only girl in her class at school, but it seems that she still managed to grow up as a full rounded woman after creating many of her own fashions shows at that time.

13 She Was Once The Longest Reigning Divas Champion


Maryse was once the biggest rising star in WWE's Women's Division and this is proven by the fact that Maryse won the Divas Championship back in 2008 and held the title for 216 days. This record stood as the longest reign for the next five years until AJ Lee surpassed this with a 295 day reign in 2014.

Maryse was also the first woman to win the Divas Championship more than once during her time with WWE and is widely considered to have been one of the most successful former Diva Search contestants. It is a shock that Maryse hasn't become involved in the New Era Women's Division, I'm sure she would make a huge impact in whatever scenario she was put in, but it seems WWE are happy with her as a valet for now.

12 She Left WWE And Became A Realtor


Maryse was released from her WWE contract back in 2011 after she had undergone surgery for an abdominal hernia and had been off WWE TV for more than two months. It seemed that Maryse made plans for her life outside and WWE and launched House of Maryse later that year, which was a Clothing and Jewellery line. It is unknown if Maryse is still working on these plans.

Maryse then spent a year earning her realtor license and then in 2013 it was reported that she was working as a realtor in Los Angeles, the city that she and The Miz began residing in following their marriage. Maryse was then the subject of many rumors when she dyed her hair back to blonde and had fans speculating that she was about to return to WWE.

11 She Was Inspired By Lita



Trish Stratus and Lita were two of the biggest female stars of the Attitude Era and it comes as no surprise that many female wrestlers who joined the company or decided to become professional wrestlers, were inspired by Trish or Lita. The likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch were inspired by these two women as well.

She stated that it was watching Lita perform that made her realize that she wanted to become a professional wrestler and that her dream opponents would be either Lita or former Women's Champion Victoria. Sadly Maryse came into the WWE just after Lita retired. She was always a heel Superstar so she never got to face Victoria in a one-on-one match before she left  WWE to make the switch over to TNA.

10 She Was Once Forced To Get A Restraining Order On A Fan


Back in July 2011, just a month before she was released from WWE Maryse was forced to ask a judge for protection from a 61-year-old fan. She filed a request for a permanent restraining order against Lee Silber, which was granted by the court in August.

It was reported that Silber was a crazed fan and was sending terrifying letters to her home and had left her more than 50 voicemails on her personal mobile phone that were both distressing and delusional. Maryse stated that at this time she actually feared for her life and she thought that Siber was a 'crazy stalker who needs to be either in a psychiatric hospital or jail. Maryse was dating Miz at the time and it is thought that he helped her through what she considered to be one of the worst times of her life.

9 She Had A Bad Encounter With The Paparazzi


Being part of the biggest wrestling company in the world sometimes brings along some unwanted attention. Maryse knows this better than many other people from her altercation with a member of the paparazzi a few years ago.

Maryse was attending SummerFest in Venice, California back in 2008 and had already agreed to take a picture with a wheelchair-bound fan when the photographer jumped in and began taking his own pictures. Maryse covered her face with her bag and tearfully was escorted to her limo as the photographer began rumors that Maryse didn't like taking pictures with disabled fans. Maryse was obviously blameless in the whole situation and only reacted like any other person would. But some fans still look at this the way the photographer hoped, which doesn't bode well for her and the media while she's part of a reality show.

8 She Was Set To Portray A Heel Lesbian In WWE



Maryse has always been able to portray a believable heel, but it was thought at one point that the WWE Universe were not fully behind her character, so WWE had an idea of how to switch it up. Maryse and Eve Torres were then put into a feud together and it was thought that the anger from Maryse would stem from feeling she had for Eve.

The story was set to go down the same kind of route as the Trish Stratus and Mickie James feud from a few years before where Maryse would stalk Eve and then her feelings would not be replicated. Of course, WWE decided to scrap the angle altogether because they felt it would no longer fit in with their family friendly viewing and their new PG banner.

7 She Posed For Playboy Magazine


Maryse being signed by WWE was a confusing move by a company that has stopped any of its female talent being linked to Playboy magazine since they have gone PG. Many females have been released or even overlooked because of images or even social media updates that the company didn't agree with or were worried that the WWE Universe wouldn't agree with.

That being said, the company were well aware that Maryse had posed for Playboy magazine before she was signed to WWE, and it's something that still follows Maryse to this day. As already stated, Maryse had quite a lengthy modeling career before she decided she wanted to join WWE and it seems that the company was happy to overlook the career path she had chosen before she joined the company at that point.

6 She Is A Cast Member On Total Divas


Maryse rejoined WWE back in 2006 after it was reported that WWE really wanted her to be part of Total Divas. Maryse has been married to The Miz now for a number of years and they live quite a different lifestyle, so WWE perhaps thought it would be something that fans would find interesting.

Maryse already had issues with many other female wrestlers who were still with the company, so in her first season with the show, she managed to sort through some of these problems. The Miz and Maryse have become two of SmackDown's biggest stars and it seems that Maryse has taken the place of current Women's Champion Naomi on Total Divas. It already seems that she has been picked up for a second season with the show this year as well.

5 She Has Acting Credits


As well as being a female Superstar in WWE, Maryse has began building quite the portfolio when it comes to acting roles. Back in 2015, Maryse had roles in both Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! alongside Seth Rollins as well as Santa's Little Helper with her husband The Miz.

Maryse began her acting career when she was just 11 years-old appearing in a film in her native of Montreal called Octobre. She has also finished filming her scenes for the fifth installment of the Marine franchise which is set to be released later this year. The former Divas Champion has also appeared in many other direct to DVD films over the past few years. This helps makes sense as to why WWE would choose Maryse to be part of Total Divas over anyone else.

4 She's An Avid Animal And Gay Right Supporter



Many Superstars when they join WWE realize that they have a platform to be able to share their views with the WWE Universe. Maryse and her husband The Miz are avid supporters of both Animal and Gay Rights projects and even posed for the NOH8 project back in 2011.

Maryse and The Miz have attended many fundraisers in support of both gay and animal rights and were always supporters of the movement to legalize gay marriage in the US. On one episode of SmackDown a few years ago, The Miz accidentally told Maryse that he was gay, while trying to learn French. This was laughed off by many of the WWE Universe. This also acted as the beginning of their relationship but also allowed them to bond over their mutually supportive natures.

3 She Holds A Black Belt In Martial Arts



As a WWE Superstar, it is important to stay in shape and always visit the gym. It's obvious that Maryse is in peak physical condition, but she is also prepared to protect herself against any unwanted attention as well.

Knowing self-defense would work to your advantage when training to be a WWE Superstar, and obviously, Maryse knows what it's like to fight given that she has a black belt in Martial Arts. It has also been seen on recent Total Divas episodes that Maryse is a supporter of guns. And even though The Miz wouldn't allow her to have one, she proved that she knows how to shoot one. Maryse has ensured that no one will ever mess with her, and if they do, they certainly won't be able to do it again.

2 She Also Has A Degree



When WWE Divas were first introduced to WWE a few years ago, it was said that these women were sexy, smart, and powerful, something that the WWE Universe fully accepted. Smart is not always something that is associated with female wrestlers, but it seems that Maryse is the actual embodiment of this phrase.

Not only is Maryse a black belt in Martial Arts and a former Divas Champion in WWE, but she also has a degree in business administration. When she left WWE back in 2011 she went on to make plans to begin her own company and call it The House of Maryse. Before studying to be a realtor, she was putting her business degree to good use and proving that she has very many strings to her bow.

1 She Once Hated Working With The Miz



It is reported that when The Miz and Maryse first met each other they didn't actually like each other. They met during the 2006 Diva Search and at that time Maryse couldn't speak English very well.

It was only a few years later when they were put in a storyline together that they began getting along and actually became friends. When Maryse left the company in 2011 it allowed them to bond much more than they could during their time on the road. They then married in 2014. Maryse once stated that she would never return to WWE because she parted from the company on bad terms back in 2011, but it seems that the opportunity to work and travel with her husband again was something she couldn't pass up.

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A-Lister: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Maryse