A Major Concern For WWE Officials For Goldberg v. Lesnar Match

You may have noticed that the WWE has been working hard to make sure that Goldberg is the babyface and Brock Lesnar is the heel for their upcoming match at Survivor Series. You may also have noticed that it hasn't been going as well as they would have liked.

We all remember Paul Heyman working his ass off in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago to create some heel momentum for Lesnar only to have the crowd chant "Goldberg Sucks, Goldberg Sucks." Now, I'm sure we all had a bit of a "what did they expect" moment when that happened, given that Minnesota considers Lesnar one of their own. But remember that Survivor Series is taking place in Toronto this year and Lesnar is a resident of Canada.

Ring Side News is reporting that there is real concern among WWE officials that the Toronto crowd will turn on Goldberg and cheer for Brock. They are doing all they can to ensure this doesn't happen, but there is really only so much they can do. So, we will have to wait and see which way the Toronto crowd decides to go.

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