Action Figure Showdown: Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin

WWE fans the world over have been waiting for years to see a match between Hulk Hogan and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and it is finally here... kind of.

Okay, so I think, as much as that is a match we would all love to see, most of us have also resigned ourselves to the fact that it just might never happen in real life. But that hasn't stopped it from happening in action figure life! You gotta check out this awesome action figure showdown between two of the biggest names that wrestling has ever produced.

Anyone who has ever done any stop-motion videography knows how much time and dedication it takes to produce even a 10-minute video so just on that level this is impressive. But add in all the little details (ring entrances, finishing moves, etc) and the great commentary and there's no way you won't have a great time watching this match.

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