Adam Cole's NXT Stable Finally Gets Official Name

NXT has experienced quite a bit of change this past month. Huge NXT megastars like Bobby Roode and Asuka are gone, but that has made way for the team formerly known as ReDragon, consisting of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, and the very popular Adam Cole to come in and immediately make their presence felt. Fish and O’Reilly made separate debuts in the lead up to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III, both in losing efforts to Aleister Black, and it only made sense to bring them together, so when they attacked SAnitY and The Authors of Pain after their Tag Title match, fans were understandably ecstatic. The biggest surprise came later in that night, however, when former three-time Ring of Honor World Champion, the Panama City Playboy, Adam Cole join the duo to attack Drew McIntyre, confirming the Ring Of Honor invasion that was rumored for weeks was actually happening.


Since that point, we haven’t heard much from the three former ROH standouts, but we have seen them lay waste to SAnitY and Drew McIntyre. So there has still been a lot of speculation about their roles in NXT, and most importantly, what the trio would be called. The name ‘Dishonored’ has been thrown around, and with the obvious callback to their former employer Ring of Honor, this just made sense, and it rolls off the tongue, but that’s unfortunately not what we got.


With their first merchandise released under the WWE banner, we can announce that the trio will be going by the name of ‘The Undisputed Era’. It doesn’t roll off the tongue like other names that have been thrown out there, but it’s one we could certainly get used too. With such a name, it’s obvious that the WWE and management have huge plans in store for the three, with Adam Cole being considered one of the premier talents in the world, and the former ReDragon likely being favorites to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2017—because you can’t have a name like that and not succeed, right?


Whether you like these three or you hate them, you can’t help but recognize that they are three amazing talents, and with their arrival to NXT, the wrestling world has been buzzing and they are about to turn NXT completely on its head.

So there you have it guys, the former ROH trio will be known as ‘The Undisputed Era’ according to their merchandise release, so what do you think, love it? Hate it? Want to give it a bit of time to sink in? Let us know in the comments!

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