10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Adam Cole is one of the most exciting wrestlers on NXT, and many fans are anxiously waiting for him to make his debut on the WWE main roster. When the 2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup took place, some fans thought the Undisputed Era was coming up together to start a new faction on SmackDown Live and try to take over.

It didn't happen, and instead, the four members of the Undisputed Era tease at feuding amongst themselves. With that said, they will one day hit the main roster and should be immediate stars with Adam Cole the perfect leader, a wrestler many compare favorably to Shawn Michaels. When he finally arrives, here are 10 Adam Cole rivalries we can't wait to see in WWE.

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10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE
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10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Hopefully, they don't take too long to call up Adam Cole to the main roster because AJ Styles isn't getting any younger. Styles is 41 and said his new WWE contract would be his last one, meaning he plans to retire in a few short years. However, if Cole and Styles face on the main roster, it could rival the match AJ had with Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank.

Adam Cole and AJ Styles have wrestled before. Styles beat Cole at the Ring of Honor All Star Extravaganza VI in 2014 and at ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds 2015. The last time they wrestled, Cole won, beating Styles and Kyle O'Reilly on Ring of Honor television just four months before Styles arrived in WWE.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

The same reason Adam Cole would be great against AJ Styles holds for Seth Rollins -- however, Rollins is much younger than Styles, and he could have a very long feud with Cole that could last years. That is exciting as the two men are similar in their willingness to take daredevil chances but different enough.

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Honestly, Adam Cole vs. Seth Rollins could be very similar to Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. The fact Rollins has worked well in factions and Cole leads a faction also ties into the comparison to Hart (Hart Foundation) and Michaels (DX). The two men have never wrestled.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Shawn Michaels once said the best matches of his career were when he wrestled against someone nothing like him. He said the most exciting matches was when his opponent was bigger and stronger than he was. Adam Cole could work a match in this vein if he ever stepped into the ring with Drew McIntyre in WWE.

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The problem with this feud is Cole is best as a villain, and so is McIntyre, but since wrestlers bounce between face and heel through their career, this could happen one day. The two men did fight in NXT. Interestingly, they fought in November 2017 in a match where McIntyre beat Cole with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Kofi Kingston had the best story of 2019 on the main roster when he rose to the top of SmackDown Live unexpectedly, and fans pushed hard for him all the way. Finally, at WrestleMania 35, Kofi beat Daniel Bryan and won the WWE Championship for the first time in his career.

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There is a great story built in with a feud between Kofi Kingston and Adam Cole. Kofi is part of New Day, the most popular faction in WWE today. Cole leads the Undisputed Era, evil and villainous to the core. The two factions feuding could be huge, and Adam Cole vs. Kofi Kingston would be a fantastic feud.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Adam Cole is battling for the NXT title, and Finn Balor is a former NXT Champion. Adam Cole was part of the Bullet Club in Ring of Honor and Japan after AJ Styles left and Finn Balor is the man who created Bullet Club when he was in New Japan. That is the storyline.

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As Prince Devitt, Finn Balor beat Adam Cole the one time they wrestled back in 2014 during the RevPro Summer Sizzle in the U.K. However, that was five years ago, and a lot has changed. Balor is one of WWE's top stars and could be a great early feud for Adam Cole when he finally moves up to the main roster.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Much like AJ Styles, this is another feud that needs to happen soon. It also is one where it might be tough - in the same vein that Drew McIntyre vs. Adam Cole would be tough. While Daniel Bryan could become a babyface again quickly, all indications are he does not want that, as his heel persona could extend his career.

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However, if the Undisputed Era comes to SmackDown Live, they will want all the titles, and if Bryan and Rowan still hold the titles, a heel vs. heel feud could happen. Bryan vs. Cole is a dream match. Cole was a major star in Ring of Honor, and Bryan was the company's biggest star for years. No matter why they fight, this could be one of the best matches of Cole's career.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Fans are not as excited about Dolph Ziggler as they used to be. When he came back and attacked Kofi Kingston in 2019, fans were not very vocal one way or the other about one of the most exciting in-ring wrestlers in WWE history. His character and the storylines WWE saddled him with have neutered him.

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However, he is still amazing in the ring and seeing him, and Adam Cole put on a clinic is tantalizing. Sure, fans might not care about Ziggler anymore but giving Cole the best in WWE to challenge him to up his game every match is what he needs and Ziggler can do that better than anyone.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Ricochet and Adam Cole should have had a great feud and a ton of amazing matches in NXT. However, WWE knew they needed immediate help in 2019 and called up Ricochet while he was still red-hot in NXT. This moment ended the feud with Cole before it got going.

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With that said, they did have some great matches. Adam Cole was the first-ever NXT North American Champion, and Ricochet is the man who beat him for the title at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Before they arrived in WWE, they battled in Dragon Gate, Evolve, PWG and New Japan. A main roster feud between the two men is a must.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

This feud may seem a little strange, as Triple H is 49 and should be wrapping up his career as a wrestler. However, he loves to wrestle a few matches each year, and if he gives his time to Adam Cole, he could help put him over when he hits the main roster.

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The feud could be fantastic. The Undisputed Era arrives on the main roster and starts to tear through the wrestlers there with a gang mentality. Triple H talks about seeing something in them that reminds him of Evolution or DX. They respond by destroying him and then, at a WrestleMania in the future, Adam Cole beats Triple H and becomes a made man.


10 Adam Cole Rivalries We Can't Wait To See In WWE

Adam Cole is one of the best wrestlers in NXT. He is exciting, pulls out all the stops in his matches, and is still a cowardly heel who cheats to win even though he doesn't need to. On Monday Night Raw, The Miz has started to come into his own as a babyface for the first time in his career.

As someone who always cheated to win, and as someone who insulted real wrestlers every chance he got, this could be an exciting feud for both men. Miz could still pull out the idea that he is a great WWE superstar and ignore all Cole's accomplishments, but with Cole being a real jerk with Undisputed Era behind him, Miz would be the hero in this feud. The two men are just different enough to make their matches entertaining.

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