5 Things AEW Must Do At ALL OUT (& 5 They Must Avoid)

AEW's next major event is now right around the corner with the highly anticipated ALL OUT, which is going to be the company's biggest and most important show to date, with this being the final event prior to the launch of weekly television.

ALL OUT will mark the final time that AEW is on the air before TNT and therefore this is their last chance to really bang the drum and draw in an audience on a day where both New Japan and NXT UK have major events.

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With the biggest show to date, it is crucial that things go to plan for AEW, and within this list, we will rank five things the company must do in order for it to be a success, as well as five things they must avoid.

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10 Must Do: Give Shawn Spears A Win

AEW is supposed to be all about wins and losses, so the results of the matches really should be coming into play in regards to future title shots, and whilst that is important, the crucial part is still that victories help fans take people seriously.

The company has done a great job in building Shawn Spears so far, with his chair shot to Cody Rhodes getting the entire world talking about him. But if he is to lose his grudge match against Cody, then it will all disappear.

Spears has been in this position before with WWE and never ended up being pushed, so it is important AEW gets this match right, as Cody will be fine regardless of the result as he is already an established main event player.

9 Must Avoid: A Poor Pre-Show

So far, AEW's PPV events have all been very solid, but the pre-shows really have left a lot to be desired, with the company often focusing on comedic spots to warm the crowd up, rather than the fantastic in-ring action that people should be looking forward to.

AEW has got some of the best athletes in professional wrestling so there is no reason that the pre-show, or "buy-in" as they call it, can't be a thrilling hour of television that really adds to the product.

WWE makes the mistake of having poor pre-shows that people have now just stopped watching, and AEW doesn't want to fall down that path as it really is a potential hook to bring in more viewers for the main show.

8 Must Do: End The Lucha Brothers/Young Bucks Saga

For any new fans to the wrestling world outside of WWE's bubble, seeing the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers compete will likely be a dream as they are two of the best tag teams in the world.

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However, for established fans who have followed their careers, it is something that has been done to death at this point and already this year since AEW was announced, with the teams having competed against each other around the world countless times.

Whilst it is always going to be a great match, it is important to keep things fresh and not fall into WWE's bad habit of rehashing the same thing over and over again, so bringing this feud to an end now would be a wise decision.

7 Must Avoid: Title Match Shenanigans

One of the most important aspects of AEW's ALL OUT is that the first-ever AEW World Champion will be crowned as Chris Jericho and Hangman Page go one-on-one in what will be a fantastic match.

The most important thing that AEW needs to do with this match is simply leave it down to Hangman and Jericho, allowing them to tell a fantastic story bell to bell and not have any shenanigans or interferences throughout.

The worst possible thing that AEW could do is have the very first match for the World Championship end in confusion or without a clear winner, especially since they have pushed that the company will be a very realistic, sports-like show.

6 Must Do: Blood & Guts

Prior to Vince McMahon's latest conference call, having tons of blood would probably have been something for AEW to avoid, however, the WWE Chairman set the company up perfectly as a more violent and edgy alternative with his speech.

Taking a shot at AEW as a promotion that is all about "blood and guts," is a line that AEW should really run within at least one match on the show, allowing someone to get busted open to continue showing they are willing to go where WWE will not.

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Whilst it obviously needs to be done as safely as possible, a blood and guts moment would get a great response from the live crowd and would continue pushing WWE.

5 Must Avoid: Needless Shots At WWE

One of the reasons that Being The Elite got so popular was the sly jabs at WWE for comedic effect, and that is part of the YouTube shows charm, however, a weekly television show needs to be taking itself much more serious than that.

We have seen AEW do jabs at its competition before, most notably when Cody Rhodes broke the throne and whilst that might have got people talking, it just felt like an unneeded shot at WWE when the company should be focusing on itself right now.

This show needs to prove that AEW can put on an incredible PPV all on its own, without taking shots as that is the message that will speak the loudest anyway.

4 Must Do: A Major Angle

Whether it is a new talent debuting, someone making a run-in or a post-match brawl, it would be wise of AEW to pull off some sort of major angle at some stage during this show, just as they did on their first event when Jon Moxley showed up.

As that moment got the whole wrestling world talking, another moment would do the same and that is exactly what AEW needs with a months break before any shows take place again.

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The company needs people talking about them to build as much anticipation as possible towards the first episode on TNT and some sort of angle would really help the company do that.

3 Must Avoid: Letting The Show Overrun

If there is one thing that mainstream wrestling fans hate it is an incredibly lengthy PPV. WrestleMania is just about the only show that can get away with it, simply because of the spectacle, but outside of that long shows never go down well.

WWE learned its lesson lately and kept SummerSlam nice and concise and reaped in the benefits for it with a positive fan response and now AEW must do the same here and not fall into the classic 'indie wrestling' show that drags on for hours and hours.

AEW started off well in that way, but Fight For The Fallen really dragged on with every match pushing to the maximum length of time with tons of false finishes that meant things felt like they dragged, which needs to be avoided.

2 Must Do: Push The Women

To this point, AEW has done a great job with the women by giving them plenty of time, multiple matches and storylines in order to push them and that must continue on the biggest stage to date.

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ALL IN saw an incredible women's match take place in what was one of the top bouts of the night, and hopefully ALL OUT will see something similar as the build to the first Women's Championship match really heats up.

The women will be taking over the battle royal for this show which is great to see as AEW will need to bring in more female competitors in order to fill the match, continuing to add to its already impressive roster.

1 Must Avoid: Another Bad Night Of Commentary

The biggest and most glaring issue so far throughout all of the AEW shows has been the commentary, with the team of Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Alex Marvez really not clicking at any point.

The trio have been very disjointed and lacked any real chemistry, having to constantly refer to their notes whilst on-screen and it has taken away from the product, after all, the commentators should be putting the life into the show not taking it away.

Another poor showing will start to bring major question marks over whether or not this team is capable of carrying a weekly television show or if things need to be tweaked, so hopefully, it is a strong showing from all of them.

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