AEW Announces Upcoming Bash At The Beach Show

Bash at the Beach was one of WCW's primary pay-per-view shows from 1994 to 2000, and it provided the wrestling world with some of the more memorable sports entertainment moments of the '90s.

It's been two decades after the pay-per-view was retired, but Bash at the Beach is about to make a comeback for the ages.

AEW announced on their Twitter page that the upcoming Jan. 15 episode of Dynamite will be a special even, and it'll go by the name "Bash at the Beach" at the Watsco Center in Miami, Florida.

As noted in the AEW press release, the show will be part of Chris Jericho's cruise adventure, which includes a stop in Nassau, Bahamas.

This will take place 20 years after Bash at the Beach 2000, which took place on July 9, 2000 at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. Of course, that pay-per-view was remembered for all the wrong reasons.

WCW writer Vince Russo (who came over from the rival WWE promotion) wanted Hulk Hogan to lose a World Heavyweight Championship match to Jeff Jarrett. However, The Hulkster used his creative control clause, thus nullifying the plan for Jarrett to win the title.

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And of course, the 1996 Bash at the Beach pay-per-view saw Hogan pull off the most iconic and memorable heel turn in the history of professional wrestling, where he joined forced with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the villainous New World Order stable. Now, AEW looks to add another chapter to the historic chronology.

This Could Be AEW'S Greatest Show Yet

AEW's shows - especially the pay-per-view events - have been nothing short of spectacular thus far. Now, we'll get to see them throw a special Bash at the Beach party in Miami, which is a beautiful tribute to the former WCW promotion. It's safe to say that Chris Jericho and co. will put together one of the most memorable wrestling events in recent memory.

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