AEW Reopens The Ratings Gap Over NXT In The Wednesday Night War

Dynamite experienced ratings boost this week as it made it 7 and 0 over NXT and reopened the gap following last Wednesday's close call.

Imagine someone telling you this time last year how the wrestling landscape was going to look today. Chances are most fans would have never believed them. Especially not the part about a brand new wrestling company going head to head with a live, two-hour version of NXT every single Wednesday night.

Perhaps the most unbelievable part of that would have been that the brand new wrestling company would be drawing more viewers. Not just for its debut or for one big week, but every single week. The numbers are now in for week seven of the Wednesday night war and Dynamite continues to shutout NXT making it 7 and o in the battle for brand supremacy.

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Chances are this seventh straight defeat for NXT might be the bitterest pill to swallow. From week one to week five, Dynamite had a six-figure lead over NXT. Then last week, following the invasion angle on Raw and SmackDown, the black and gold brand significantly closed the gap to a mere 9000 viewers. That's almost a rounding error. It had been closing the gap with each passing week so may have expected to finally win one on Wednesday night.

Alas, it was not to be, and that gap has been well and truly reopened. Dynamite drew a viewership of 957,000, outdoing NXT by a full 257,000 viewers as 750,000 fans tuned in to watch WWE's product live. Although a tough blow to take for NXT, on some level, it must have been expected. This week's Dynamite was the fallout show following Full Gear, the first show of its kind in Dynamite's short history.

The next two weeks might well be NXT's best chance yet of registering its first win. This coming Wednesday will be the go-home show to both WarGames and Survivor Series, and then the show after will showcase the fallout. Since NXT is always live, its post-TakeOver shows are no longer pre-taped. Just like the Full Gear post-show, it will be the first of its kind, and hopefully for NXT, it will feel like must-see television.

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