Kenny Omega Explains Why Full Gear's Women's Title Match Deserved A Far Bigger Spotlight

Fans weren't too interested in Full Gear's Women's Title match, and Kenny Omega has revealed why that is AEW's fault.

There were some big matches at Full Gear on Saturday night and all of them delivered. However, there was something missing from the AEW Women's Title match. In fact, there is something missing from the company's women's division as a whole. That certain something might be a lack of promotion for the company's female wrestlers by AEW.

Full Gear's Women's Title match featured the champion Riho, and her challenger Emi Sakura. The people putting the show together should have realized after last week's Dynamite that this match might have fallen flat. Sakura pinned Riho in tag team action last Wednesday, but the fans were sat on their hands for pretty much the whole match. Very odd for a fanbase that pretty much loves everything AEW does, no matter what.

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The most annoying part of the Women's Title match falling flat is the amount of history AEW had to flaunt should it have chosen to do so. Riho and Sakura's clash at Full Gear was the 269th time they have competed in the same ring, and no that is not a typo. 269 matches, 33 of which have been singles bouts, and seven of them for championship gold. Riho is now 4-3 up against Sakura in title matches.

Kenny Omega highlighted all of these incredible stats in a tweet shortly before the match. Most of the replies to The Cleaner's tweet questioned why AEW hadn't chosen to play up these facts ahead of the match. Even a short rundown during the Countdown show or Full Gear's Buy-In would have added to the occasion. Instead, what should have been one of the most important matches of the night felt like little more than filler.

While AEW continues to do a lot of things right, it is still falling foul of assuming its fans have a built-in level of wrestling knowledge. It's what has left Omega feeling a little lackluster on occasion. The Cleaner is big in Japan, and among hardcore wrestling fans, but the casual US viewer will have probably never seen him compete before. That goes even more so for Riho and Sakura. Fans need to be told why to care about them, and AEW had so much history to choose from with this one.

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