AEW Gives Medical Update On Cody Rhodes, Shares Photo Of Star's Injury

AEW has shared a medical update on Cody Rhodes following the bump to the head he took at Full Gear. Those stitches look pretty gnarly.

The last match at Full Gear has got fans pretty split. Half the fans loved the violence Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley brought to the PPV. Meanwhile, the other half thought both men went too far. Wherever you fall in this debate, it might be the last we see of Omega for a little while. He has revealed on Twitter that the injuries he suffered on Saturday mean he is not cleared to return to the ring.

Omega isn't the only wrestler who suffered injuries that will require him to sit on the sidelines for a while over the weekend. Cody Rhodes has also been told by doctors that he won't be wrestling any time soon. AEW shared the news on its own Twitter account and included a photo of the aftermath. Be warned, it is pretty graphic.

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As you can see, Rhodes required stitches above his eye following his war with Chris Jericho. The injury was caused when The American Nightmare went headfirst over the ropes and onto the entrance ramp. It busted him open and there were actually fears backstage that the match wouldn't be able to continue.

Not only did Rhodes require some serious looking stitches, but he also suffered a costochondral separation. It sounds painful, and that's because it is. It's actually an injury completely unrelated to the one on his face. A costochondral separation is when a rib tears away from the cartilage, nasty stuff. Truth be told, after losing a title match and having MJF turn on him, Rhodes will probably appreciate the chance to sit back and recover from what happened.

Injuries aside, Full Gear has paved the way for some exciting new angles in AEW, and further built on some ongoing ones. We're assuming that Rhodes and MJF will now feud, and Hangman Page will get another shot at the AEW Title. Omega has also made it very clear that he isn't done with Moxley, tweeting that his opponent made the mistake of leaving him alive. Bring on the fallout this Wednesday night on Dynamite.

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