AEW Name Of TV Show Confirmed By TV Listings Guide

As per TV listings guides, the official name of AEW's television show on TNT has a name. It's much better than recent news had hinted.

On June 18, 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) applied for the trademark "Wednesday Night Dynamite." When that information was released that the new wrestling company had filed for the name, the immediate assumption was that it was for the TV show they'd be bringing to TNT. Then, talk of the name just sort of died off.

With no news or announcement from AEW, there were later photos of stars like Brit Baker posting in front of a signs that said All Elite Fleet. That led to new speculation that the name was being called Fleet, and fans hated it.

On Tuesday, AEW filed to trademark the "All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite". Speculation was, AEW was revisiting the old idea and when the Xfinity TV guide showed the show as listed on its channels under that name, everything was confirmed, Wednesday nights on TNT, AEW will air its weekly show under the name "All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite".

AEW will also air on TNT and special the night before on Tuesday, October 1 at 8pm ET. It will be a two-hour show called "Countdown to All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite." and will likely showcase everything AEW has done up to this point, including pay-per-views and YouTube video clips.

Will AEW Explode Like Dynamite?

AEW will begin to premiere its weekly television show on TNT starting in the fall and the hope for AEW fans and the personalities behind the new brand is that fans come over to watch the show in droves.

WWE is doing everything in their power to stop the success of the program, including airing NXT up against it on USA Network, possibly bringing big names over to show and more.

It will be interesting to see if the show explodes or fizzles out.

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