AEW Nearing Canadian TV Deal

All Elite Wrestling's negotiations over a Canadian TV deal could soon be over, reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The startup wrestling promotion has made waves with the pay-per-view shows they've aired so far and fans are pretty excited over the act coming to TV early next month. US supporters are already covered, with TNT having secured the rights to broadcast the show therein but there is worry amongst Canadians hoping for the same.

The upcoming show, called All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite, will be available to fans in international markets through FITE TV for a $4.99 monthly fee but a TV deal in Canada is yet to be announced and what's more, it's said that the FITE stream won't be available North of the border.

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Per the aforementioned outlet, however, worries could soon be eased as AEW is very close to wrapping talks up. It's now becoming increasingly likely that AEW Dynamite will air live in Canada and it's understood that the main parts of the deal have already been sorted; it's now up to Turner to close it.

AEW president Tony Khan is said to be working on the deal himself. The company's owner has kept things very transparent throughout the promotion's very short history and he's been talked up as the main force making things happen - although Chris Jericho will tell you he's responsible for getting some of the top stars currently signed on board.

TSN is the most likely network to air the AEW TV show but we will bring you news of any announcement regarding a Canadian deal if things go through.

What We Know For Now

AEW Dynamite will debut on TNT on Wednesday, October 2 and will mark the first time a wrestling show is broadcast on the network since WCW Nitro last aired there in March of 2001.

The show will kick off every Wednesday night at 8pm ET and will run for two hours. A third hour is reportedly being discussed but there's not much clarity as to whether it will be additional or whether it will be covered by a studio show similar to the recently announced WWE Backstage Fox will be airing every week.

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