AEW: Orange Cassidy’s 10 Most Lethal Moves

Orange Cassidy has become a breakout star for AEW with the most unique of characters. The gimmick of Cassidy is a man that is too cool and has no interest in exerting effort. Fans lose their minds cheering Cassidy when he shows up slowly sauntering in the ring wearing his sunglasses and keeping his hands in his pockets. Cassidy has become a rising star on the independent circuit leading to the AEW signing.

The use of Orange on AEW television is a bit different as he’s yet to wrestle a match. Cassidy typically stands outside of the ring when his buddies in the Best Friends are wrestling. This allows him the opportunity to get some of his comedic moments in. Fans eat it up every time with him often receiving one of the biggest pops of every show. We will look at the unique offense of Orange Cassidy with the top ten most lethal moves from him.

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10 Hands in pocket dive

Suicide dives through the middle rope have become an extremely common move in wrestling matches for all promotions. Orange Cassidy finds a way to make it work since he has a unique twist on him. The desire to keep his hands in his pocket will see Cassidy pull it off during his dive.

Fans often watch it back twice to truly process that Cassidy dives through the middle rope with great speed while keeping his hands in his pockets. Jim Ross has joked on AEW commentary that he may have cut holes in the pockets, but we choose to trust the credibility of Orange.

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9 Strike combo

Another popular move for Orange Cassidy that has been showcased in AEW is his strike combination. Many wrestlers have an intense spot where they will punch, slap and kick their opponent in great speed without letting them ease up for a second.

Cassidy does his version of it in both super slow and softer motion. Tommy Dreamer ate the light hits from Cassidy in a battle royal to the delight of the crowd. Orange clearly knows what will pop the audience and this strike combo is a main part of his move set.

8 Splash

The comedic timing of many of Orange Cassidy’s moves is what makes them so special. Anyone can try an idea, but Cassidy has the ideal execution and timing. One of the “high spots” from Cassidy is that he’ll tease doing a big move from the top rope.

The reveal sees Cassidy slowly dropping for his version of a splash with less impact. Orange even does the move in the middle of the ring if it makes sense for that timing in the match. Fans give it a great response since everyone is in on the act.

7 Kip up

Falling down and getting back up is the toughest part of wrestling for Orange Cassidy given his lack of energy. Cassidy however finds a way to pick himself up with both style and grace. The kip up from Cassidy is more amusing them most wrestlers.

Despite the level of athleticism needed for the move, Cassidy makes it look easy and silly when he does it with his hands in his pockets. Orange’s suicide dive often sees him crawling back in the ring to do the kip up with his hands remaining in his pocket the entire time.

6 Chokeslam

The offense of Orange Cassidy grows even more when he gets to wrestle in longer matches. Cassidy may not have had such an experience in AEW, but he clearly can do more when given the opportunity like shown in his independent wrestling appearances.

One of the higher impact moves that Cassidy loves to show off the chokeslam. During his comebacks, Cassidy will break out the chokeslam. Most wrestlers to use the chokeslam are bigger like Undertaker, Kane and Big Show. The smaller Cassidy gets a laugh and shock from the audience when trying his version of it.

5 Ultimate escape

Opposing wrestlers will quickly try to rattle Orange Cassidy by taking his hands outside of his pockets. That rarely works out for them as he developed a great counter that stays true to his lackadaisical nature in the ring.

Cassidy has the ultimate escape move that will see him wiggle out of various submissions or headlocks to place his hands back into his pockets. The perfection of this move adds to the overall story of the match while adding humor to the overall game of Orange.

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4 Monkey flip

The monkey flip always stands out as one of the more enjoyable moves in a wrestling match. No one watching at home wants to take a piledriver or knockout punch, but many folks would have interest in learning how to execute the monkey flip correctly.

Orange Cassidy is the perfect wrestler to add such a move to his rotation. Various independent wrestling matches have seen Cassidy bust out the monkey flip during his flurry of offense. Cassidy pulls it off to perfection since he’s a legitimately good athlete.

3 Superkick

The superkick is arguably the most popular move on the independent circuit today. Many wrestlers signed to WWE and AEW have continued using the move. Unless you have an amazing one or a unique one, it’s hard to make the superkick stand out today.

Orange Cassidy finds a way to make it work when delivering them in slow motion. The Young Bucks felt the effect of the superkicks during their match against the Best Friends with Cassidy ringside. This moment created huge social media numbers as viewers clearly enjoyed it.

2 Canadian destroyer

The devastation of the Canadian Destroyer has made it a highly beloved move in wrestling today. Petey Williams introduced the move during his time in TNA with many other wrestlers adding it to their move set as well.

One of the more enjoyable versions of the move comes from Orange Cassidy. The story of Cassidy finally snapping and being forced to take it to another gear will see him use the Canadian Destroyer. Fans react in awe since no one ever expects it given Orange’s usual offense.

1 Orange mist

The love of orange juice is one of the biggest driving forces for Orange Cassidy. Most independent appearances will see Cassidy bringing a bottle of orange juice to the ring with him. Cassidy will take a sip during the match causing him to start moving faster.

An amusing aspect of the orange juice is that he will sometimes spit it in the face of his opponents for his own version of the poison mist. Instead of red or green mist, Cassidy delivers his in the form of orange juice to temporarily blind his opponents with his ideal beverage.

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