5 Reasons Why AEW Should Be Excited About The Ratings (& 5 Why They Shouldn’t)

All Elite Wrestling are off to a pretty strong start in the early days of AEW Dynamite, which has followed nicely in the footsteps of Double or Nothing and All Out - with both being considered resounding successes.

Now, though, is where the hard work really begins - especially in the wake of a few weeks in which they were able to secure over a million views for their aforementioned weekly show on TNT.

Obviously there are many reasons for them to be happy with the progress that is being made, but the last thing we'd want is for them to get ahead of themselves.

10 EXCITED - Everyone Doubted Them

Very, very few people expected All Elite Wrestling to be really big players at the top of the pro wrestling game, and yet here we are.

The first few weeks have been a resounding success with over a million people tuning in to see what they do next and that’s the biggest testament to what they’re trying to create.

Being able to say I told you so is an incredibly powerful tool, and AEW may as well soak it all up while they still can because this is just the beginning.

9 NOT EXCITED - Added Pressure

Even more eyes than ever before are going to be on them now, and in quite literally any walk of life, that’s going to serve as a bit of a red flag – why? Because there’s added pressure on their shoulders.

Some companies thrive on that whereas others collapse under their own weight and that’s just the truth of it. In terms of the wrestlers themselves, they’ll likely just go out there and perform to the best of their abilities, but behind the scenes, things are about to get pretty tasty.

8 EXCITED - So Much More To Give

There must be plenty of ideas floating around the heads of those within the creative team and after just a few short weeks, they’ve probably only been able to showcase 0.5% of that.

Perhaps we’re being a little bit too kind with those figures, but you get the drift. AEW was first announced at the start of the year, and you just know that they were thinking long term as opposed to anything else.

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They want to make the kind of lasting impact that is going to help them build a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

7 NOT EXCITED - Honeymoon Period

As is the case with quite literally anything in this life, there is a honeymoon period that comes with the ecstasy and joy of starting something new. All Elite Wrestling is still in that period, and we’d imagine they will be until at least after Full Gear.

There’s always going to be a fall-off period and preparing for that is the single most important thing this company can do. We aren’t suggesting they need to expect a drop in the quality of the product, but it’s hard to keep that stuff up.

6 EXCITED - Validates The Wednesday Selection

While nobody was really suggesting that there was anything wrong with All Elite Wrestling moving to Wednesdays, there was no guarantee whatsoever that it was going to be a successful time slot or day for them to put on a weekly show. As it turns out, it’s going pretty well.

The sporting world doesn’t really feature a whole lot else on a Wednesday and as a result, they’re instantly going to pull in quite a few more viewers.

For now, we imagine the foreseeable future will see Dynamite take place in the middle of the week.

5 NOT EXCITED - They’ve Shown Their Hand

In terms of the current roster that they have at this moment in time, we’d imagine that they’ve kind of shown their hand in regards to tricks they may have up their sleeve. Most of the other guys and girls are either locked down to a contract with WWE, aren’t that high profile to the point where they’ll bring in ratings, or just aren’t interested in wrestling anymore.

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If they continue to throw out creative alternatives and build future stars then that’s fine, but it’s all about actually getting to that point.

4 EXCITED - They’re Winning The War

The Wednesday Night Wars are currently being contested by AEW and NXT, both of whom are putting on an entertaining Wednesday evening product on a week to week basis. As of right now, whilst we’re typing this, they are 2-0 up in the ratings battle.

While there’s still an endless amount of time to go before one of them changes the day in which they air their show, it’s definitely worth noting that more fans are invested in the new, fresh AEW product than the already well-established and highly-rated NXT.

3 NOT EXCITED - Breeds A False Confidence

Calling AEW ‘cocky’ or ‘over-confident’ will be seen as being a little bit unfair and while we can somewhat understand the logic behind that, there’s no point in pretending like there isn’t a certain aura of arrogance behind the scenes. It doesn’t even need to be all that substantial, either, and it’s perfectly natural. They’re doing well and they’re succeeding, and they just need to know that any kind of complacency isn’t going to cut it.

If they’re complacent, then this war will be over pretty quickly and we all know it to be true.

2 EXCITED - Other Stars Will Take Notice

There are many wrestlers in other big companies around the globe that will be looking at AEW and taking note of the numbers that they’re putting on the board.

They aren’t exactly beating RAW and SmackDown at this moment in time, but in truth, they don’t really need to.

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As long as they can prove that they are sustainable, plenty of stars will be in touch once their contracts come to an end about a potential transfer over to the new boys.

If you want to get excited about anything, it should be that.

1 NOT EXCITED - Ratings Trajectory

It doesn’t matter what the television show or series is: the ratings go on a natural downward trajectory 95% of the time and that’s just the way it is. Fans will either decide that they can record it and watch it later, or they’ll just fall off due to a lack of interest.

How much of a drop there will be, of course, depends entirely on All Elite Wrestling’s ability to keep the fans guessing.

We don’t know what’s coming around the next corner from a booking perspective, and they need to be able to use that uncertainty to their own advantage.

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