AEW Reveals Complete Bracket For Tag Team Title Tournament

AEW has revealed the entire bracket for its Tag Team Title tournament which will officially kick off on October 9, 2019.

It has been so far so good for AEW. However, the real test for the fledgling promotion hasn't even begun. That starts on October 2, 2019, when it goes live each and every Wednesday night on TNT. AEW, its owners, and its stars have proved they can put on encapsulating one-off shows, but can they keep us coming back for more every single week?

As Eric Bischoff has said on multiple occasions, the key to success for him at WCW was to be "different than" WWE rather than "better than." Going against that grain is the mistake Impact Wrestling made following the eventual fall of WCW. AEW will do well to heed those words. There's no knocking WWE off of that top spot, but if they offer tired and new fans something different, they might just stand a chance.

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One of the ways in which AEW has already shown it wants to be different is its tag division. It's no secret that Vince McMahon isn't the biggest fan of tag team wrestling. AEW, on the other hand, want to shine a big old spotlight on it. It will be doing that starting from episode two of its weekly show, so on October 9, 2019. That's when a tournament to crown the promotion's first Tag Team Champions will begin.

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This week, AEW released the full bracket for the tournament, and you can check it out above. The first match will feature The Young Bucks and Private Party. The following week, The Lucha Bros will take on Jurassic Express, and Best Friends will go up against SCU. The week after that, the semifinals will take place, and on October 30, 2019, AEW's first Tag Team Champions will be crowned.

Who that team will be ultimately depends on which direction AEW is taking with the titles right off the bat. As it stands, our pick would probably be SCU defeating The Young Bucks in the final. Cody Rhodes has already received some criticism for putting himself in a World Title match. If The Bucks become Tag Team Champions too, fans will begin to question the motives of some of AEW's EVPs.

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