This AEW Star Still Lives With His Mom, But Will Move Out As Soon As TV Deal Kicks In

AEW star Joey Janela has revealed that he's still living with his mom but will get his own space as soon as the new promotion goes on television.

Janela has hit new heights of fame since his "unsanctioned" hardcore match with Jon Moxley, a fight which has taken him yet another step closer to becoming a household name. Of course, fighting Enzo in real life could just about do that too.

The 30-year-old has had a tough path through to the industry and was delivering pizzas just three years ago. Things are obviously much better now and could improve even further, but he's still bunking at his mom's.

"I still live with my mom, but I'm never home, really," Janela told Bleacher Report in an extensive interview recently. "When TV starts, I'm gonna get my own place and stuff, but right now my mom, she doesn't mind, and I don't mind, either."

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Janela admitted that AEW's emergence has changed his life and doesn't have to worry so much nowadays.

"There's a lot less to worry about now. I used to throw all my money to wrestling. Now I'm living comfortably," he remarked. "I'm still living at home, but I'm usually not home at all. Usually I'm here like once a week, so it's not a bad deal.

He says he tried it all - from delivering pizzas to Uber - but always found himself getting fired.

"I don't know when was the last time [I delivered pizzas]. Maybe three years ago?" he explained. "I tried to get a job at a factory. It was going to be a job making those gold credit cards, like Visas. That didn't work out and that wasn't ideal for me. I tried Uber and delivering pizza. I had pretty much done it all or tried to. Most of the time I found myself getting fired. That was basically my run in real-life work.

"It's definitely humbled me a bit. The few times I felt like quitting when I was younger. Wrestling really wasn't going anywhere, and I was taking off work and stuff on the weekend to make $25 and putting it all toward gas. It really isn't ideal, but I stuck with it, and sure enough, I've found myself in a position where I can make a living wrestling and make it to the mainstream."

The Wait Must Have Been Worth It

Joey certainly deserves this break and has given us all a glimpse into what he has to offer. Things are looking up and if it all goes well, maybe he could put his mother in a brand new house in a few years.

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