10 AEW Stars Vince McMahon Will Wish He Signed Sooner

Despite AEW's claims that they will be an alternative to WWE, they've taken some serious shots at WWE. While we're sure Vince McMahon wants to ignore some of those comments and symbolic gestures targeted his way, we can't help but think he's a little envious of some of the talent AEW owner Tony Khan has managed to snag.

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Sure, WWE has a fantastic roster, but there have to be a few AEW names that would really shine with the guidance of McMahon. We think there are at least 10, so we've listed exactly who we think WWE would want from AEW.

10 Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky is going to be a huge star in AEW. Making a name for himself in Pro Wrestling Guerilla, TNA, and finally, Ring of Honor, where, alongside fellow veterans Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, he formed the trio known as SoCal Uncensored. Sky wows audiences with intense agility, incredible strength, and a fair bit of high-flying ability. Breaking into the scene in 2003, the 36-year-old brings a lot of experience to the table. He's got it all and should be on everyone's radar in AEW.

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Interestingly enough, he actually appeared in a number of WWE segments with Daniel Bryan and Kane during their anger management therapy. The company severed ties with him after some unfortunate comments surfaced, but he apologized and returned as a firefighter for SummerSlam 2013's Ring of Fire Match.

9 Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong did wrestle for WWE as Kharma. She was big, imposing, and strong, in an era that desperately lacked a woman like her. Still, thanks to a number of factors, she only wrestled one match. Perhaps WWE didn't feel the need to continue their professional relationship as the company was more focused on model-esque wrestlers, but she was an accomplished name outside of the WWE and continued to be so for years.

Despite that, she hasn't been seen in a major way since 2016, but the fans were clearly excited to see her back. Maybe with a new focus on women's wrestling, Awesome Kong could have been a big piece in WWE.

8 Fenix

Fenix, or Rey Fenix, is the brother of Pentagon Jr. Together they form the "Lucha Bros" tag team, but separately, they're both incredibly accomplished wrestlers. In fact, if it wasn't for their tag team name, you wouldn't know that they're brothers as their styles are so incredibly different. Fenix strikes up memories of watching Rey Mysterio in his prime. He's quick and crisp in the ring, and even his attire resembles the famous Luchadore's aesthetic.

With WWE's love of masked wrestlers, Fenix would have been a big asset for Vince McMahon, and his speed and high-flying ability would wow the company's young viewers. However, AEW have this absolute star in the making under their employment, and they'll benefit from that for years.

7 Joey Janela

Joey Janela goes by the "bad guy" moniker, but he's much more than that. He's a hardcore legend whose ability to take bumps defies logic. Whether it's during a CZW hardcore match or falling from the top of a ladder through a table at All In, his willingness to put his body on the line is something akin to Jeff Hardy.

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That's not an apt comparison, however. Janela, while undersized, has an amazing look, appearing as if he was stolen from a late 1980s arcade game, but he's proven to be an entertaining promoter. That's right, he hosts an extremely popular independent wrestling event during WrestleMania weekend that's quickly become a must-watch show for hardcore independent wrestling fans. WWE would kill to have someone like this behind the scenes.

6  Maxwell Jacob Friedman

At 23 years old, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, or MJF, will be a cornerstone of AEW for years to come, probably becoming one of the promotion's top heels. His ability to talk is almost second to none, and he has a smug arrogance about him that makes fans want to see him get his comeuppance. He's so good, in fact, he was booked to talk down to Bret "The Hitman" Hart — a wrestling legend whose in-ring career lasted longer than MJF's entire life!

He can back up that talk in the ring, too. With only four years of experience, MJF has gained notoriety for his technical prowess and his ability to mix that with some remarkable high-flying moves. Sure, at such a young age, he has a few things to work on, but he's in a position to be "the next big thing".

5 Adam "Hangman" Page

It always felt like Ring of Honor wanted to do more with Adam "Hangman" Page, but never felt the time was right to pull the trigger on a full-blown ROH Championship run. That could be the promotion's biggest mistake, as the 27-year-old has only gotten more popular as the years go on.

During his time as a member of the Bullet Club, he put on some classics against the likes of Kazuchika Okada and Joey Janella to really cement himself as a name to look out for. Now, he'll be competing for AEW's top prize against Chris Jericho, and we have to think WWE is kicking themselves for not spotting a talent with a future this bright.

4 Pentagon Jr

Pentagon Jr has been slowly growing in popularity in the United States since his debut in Lucha Underground in 2014, but he was a bonafide star in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. He also spent some time in Impact Wrestling, holding their top title for a brief period of time in 2018.

His stock is high and it's not hard to see why. Anything he lacks in English-speaking ability, he more than makes up for with intensity, while blending hard-hitting martial art fighting with high-flying Lucha wrestling, making him one of the most unique wrestlers on the planet. This is a name that will haunt WWE for a long time.

3 Cody Rhodes

WWE's release of Cody Rhodes will haunt them forever. Now, this entry is a little unfair because WWE did sign him. In fact, Cody probably wouldn't have a name in wrestling if it wasn't for his time in WWE. Still, their treatment of him — planting him with the Stardust gimmick and relegating him to Superstars — will go down as one of the biggest misjudgments of talent in recent memory.

The fact of the matter is, without Cody, AEW probably wouldn't have taken off the way it has, and for that, they probably wish they offered him big money before Ring of Honor did.

2 The Young Bucks

We can say with certainty that WWE wishes they signed the Young Bucks, because they've tried to sign them before. Matt and Nick Jackson have revived tag-team wrestling around the world, bringing a bit of flair to the sport we all love. Their flashy, high-flying, high-octane brand of sports entertainment is unlike anything else around, and that uniqueness could set them apart from anyone else in WWE's tag division.

They've got savvy business minds — inking a deal with Hot Topic that saw their shirts, Pop Vinyls, hats, and other items sell alongside WWE merchandise — and put non-WWE pro-wrestling on the map again. At the very least, WWE would want them just to keep them from propping up other promotions like they did in Ring of Honor, TNA, and now AEW.

1 Kenny Omega

If you ask us here at TheSportster who the best wrestler alive right now is, we'd tell you Kenny Omega. He's the complete package. In-ring, there are no wasted movements, he's fantastic at telling stories in the ring, and his video game-inspired attire will make nerds around the world happy.

Not only that, but he can pull off some amazing high-flying moves to boot. He's been one of the most important names in New Japan Pro Wrestling since A.J. Styles left, meaning he knows how to handle himself as a top guy. WWE's main event scene would be shifted forever with Omega, but he's in AEW now, and WWE will definitely regret letting him slip away.

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