10 People You Didn't Realize Were Employed By AEW

All Elite Wrestling is trying to put together a crew of wrestlers and other employees to become the next big wrestling promotion. The ownership of the Khan family means there’s more money coming into the promotion than past hopeful companies like TNA and ROH. Fans already have high hope for the national television show on TNT for the stars of AEW. The company is not only signing wrestlers, but they are looking to have great people in all relevant roles.

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WWE has countless employees that play a role behind the scenes, and AEW is trying to have a system with many people providing great work. AEW's trainers, broadcasters, and even the seamstress feature can catch the attention of the wrestling fan. We will look at some of the more names that have been flying under the radar since the talent gets the attention. These are the fascinating people you didn’t realize were employed by AEW.

10 Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn was one of the first wrestling veterans hired for a coach role backstage. The job of Lynn is to work with the wrestlers in a match to help put it together like a producer in WWE. Lynn provides his input into the match while the talents present their own visions.

Wrestlers will have more freedom in AEW than WWE, but the coach is an important position. Someone like Lynn could be the tiebreaker when talents disagree about an idea or spot. Lynn’s great work and experience make him a perfect coach for AEW.

9 Sandra Gray

Sandra Gray is not a name most wrestling fans will know instantly. However, she has been shown on Total Divas and on the social media pages of many WWE superstars. The role of a seamstress has seen Sandra design gear for many people on the WWE roster, especially the women’s roster before leaving the company in 2015.

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AEW is seeing Sandra join the team with a few appearances on their YouTube series featuring the gear she’s designed. A friendship with Cody and Brandi Rhodes likely played the biggest role in her joining the company.

8 Tully Blanchard

Wrestling legend Tully Blanchard is known most for his great work in the Four Horsemen faction. Blanchard is a wrestler many current stars study when trying to find new methods to work. AEW respected Tully enough to bring him in as a talent today.

An episode of the Road to All Out YouTube series features Blanchard interrupting Shawn Spears’ interview with Jim Ross and letting him know it was time to go. Tully is entering AEW with a managerial/mentorship role for Spears. It is a cool throwback to his old rivalry with Dusty Rhodes given Spears is facing Cody at All Out.

7 BJ Whitmer

Ring of Honor veteran BJ Whitmer made the jump from ROH to AEW in the early stages of the company. Whitmer has been a respected name in ROH for almost fifteen years. Despite never finding success on the bigger stages like WWE, Whitmer has a lot of insight and experience for wrestling.

AEW felt he was the right fit to be one of their first coaches. Whitmer had a similar position in ROH over the past few years after he transitioned outside of the ring. Whitmer is working as a commentator and backstage as a producer. AEW provides more upside and likely excitement for Whitmer moving forward.

6 Alicia Atout

Alicia Atout is one of the most talented and respected interviewers in the wrestling industry. Alicia runs a YouTube channel called AMBY, where she interviews musicians and wrestlers. The latter helped her become a relevant name in the wrestling world.

Atout appeared backstage at least year’s All In project interviewing wrestlers and was one of the names hired for a similar role in AEW. The interviews of Atout will likely be short on the television product, but we can only hope for more in-depth interviews on the YouTube channel with fellow AEW talent.

5 Earl Hebner

Earl Hebner was the most popular WWE referee of the Attitude Era. WWE intentionally made sure Hebner would be the official for the biggest matches due to his experience. Hebner left WWE in the mid-2000s to join TNA for a long run there.

The creation of AEW would see Hebner find a new home as one of the top referees there. Cody Rhodes had Earl officiate his match with Nick Aldis at All In and his match with Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing, so there is a relationship there. Hebner is respected and now a part of AEW’s future.

4 Billy Gunn

The first coach hiring by AEW would see former WWE star Billy Gunn joining the company. Gunn developed a relationship with Cody Rhodes when they worked together in WWE, and with AEW's other wrestlers at last year’s All In.

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Another battle royal appearance for Gunn came at Double or Nothing, but he is expected to only work as a coach backstage moving forward. Gunn’s past job in WWE had him coaching young talents at the Performance Center, and he fell in love with it. The new role will see him help put together matches with the talents involved in the match.

3 Hugo Savinovich

Longtime wrestling fans will recognize Hugo Savinovich as one of WWE's commentators at the Spanish announce table in the Attitude Era. Many table spots in main event matches featured Savinovich in harm’s way as the Spanish announce table was the one to endure the damage.

Savinovich left WWE in 2011 and started working AAA in Mexico among other promotions. It was revealed in early 2019 that Savinovich was going to become a member of AEW for the Spanish announcing broadcasts of the bigger shows.

2 Tony Schiavone

Former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone has returned to the wrestling industry in recent years with a podcasting project and a stint commentating for MLW. Schiavone hosted many Starrcast events during AEW's Double or Nothing Weekend.

It appears Schiavone is now a part of AEW after he’s been involved in the past few videos on AEW’s YouTube channel in a studio role discussing prior and upcoming matches. The role would see Schiavone help hype important events while showing a familiar face to old school wrestling fans.

1 Dean Malenko

The 18-year run as a producer in WWE for Dean Malenko ended when the company made changes at the start of 2019. Malenko was a victim of WWE wanting to cycle in new names and ideas. The legendary wrestler did not remain on the market for too long.

Cody Rhodes tweeted a picture of Malenko with him and Tony Khan getting ready to fly on a private jet. Malenko was officially hired before the Double or Nothing show as one of the top coaches on the roster. Many current stars were inspired by Malenko in WCW, and his ideas will certainly help quite a few people on the roster given his experience.

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