AEW's Win/Loss Records Are Now Listed On Its Website

AEW has continued to claim that its win/loss records will actually matter, and now all of them are there for the world to see on the company's website.

Like any industry, the wrestling business has changed over time. Some people cope with those changes better than others. However, there are also some changes that simply don't make sense. The claim that heels and babyfaces are no longer important, and also that wins and losses don't matter. Maybe wins and losses don't matter in WWE, but they should.

AEW might continue to claim it is not competing with WWE, but if it wants to survive in the same realm, it needs to offer something different. So far so good on AEW's part, and one of the major ways it is setting itself apart is by continually stating that wins and losses on its platform actually matter.

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Not only do announcers continue to hammer that point home, but the reason Cody Rhodes is getting an AEW Title shot is due to his positive win/loss record. Rhodes has wrestled five matches in AEW thus far, winning three, losing one, and drawing the other. The only male singles star with a better record than Rhodes in AEW right now is the company's champion Chris Jericho who is currently at 4 and 0.

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If you don't believe us or think AEW isn't being transparent enough with its records, you can now check them all out for yourself on AEW's website. The site now includes a roster page similar to the one fans will find at WWE.com. However, each entry features that wrestler's win/loss record. It is broken down into singles, tag-team, and trios matches, and then an overall figure in white and gold.

AEW wants to give its in-ring action a sports-like feel, and this is the perfect way to do that. Once Rhodes and Jericho have competed at Full Gear, fans and AEW officials alike can refer to the site and determine who deserves the next shot at whoever wins that match. We just wonder whether win/loss records will be reset at any time, otherwise, new stars signed in the future will be at a major disadvantage as they try to catch up with those who have been with the company since day one.

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