AEW's Cody Cuts Incredible Promo, Adds Full Gear Match Stipulation

There are wrestlers cutting promos and then there's the promo Cody Rhodes cut during Dynamite on Wednesday, setting the stage for his Full Gear match.

Fans talk about the art of giving a great promo; Dusty Rhodes was one of the best to ever do it. Clearly, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree as Cody cut one of the promos of the year as he prepares to meet Chris Jericho at Full Gear on Saturday.

Speaking about the fact that he's heard to whispers he's only getting this match because he's an Executive in AEW and wearing two hats, Cody admitted it might be a conflict of interest, even if Jericho is full of himself and a hypocrite. So, Cody has added a stipulation to his title match.

If Cody cannot defeat Jericho on Saturday at Full Gear, he will never challenge for the AEW Championship again. As an executive, this will be his one and only shot at the title.

The promo was dramatic, compelling and it created intrigue and sold the importance of what was already the most important match in AEW's short history. Even The Rock chimed in and mentioned how great it was and that Cody hit it out of the park.

Later in the program, Jericho took the opposite approach, airing a video vignette that poked fun at the match and suggested all Jericho had to worry about was where to get his bubbly after the bout.

This Is How You Sell a Match

Cody delivered the promo to a thundering ovation from the live AEW crowd who knew they were watching history. It seems to suggest Cody will walk away from Full Gear with the title, but the way AEW books their storylines, one can never be too sure.

Meanwhile, across networks WWE was busy having AJ Styles and the O.C. raid NXT and Styles delivered a promo that wasn't too shabby in its own right.

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