Former WWE Star Recalls Bizarre Backstage Heat With The Rock

It’s been years since Ahmed Johnson entered the WWE with a ton of promise and a lifetime supply of indecipherable promos. And while it’s those promos that most fans remember, we can also look back on how injuries, backstage politics, and an overall lack of improvement that caused Johnson to underwhelm in the end. We’re not sure if that’s the reason he’s seemingly made sure to make his shoot interviews, limited as they are, controversial in one way or another, but Johnson’s latest shoot is no exception to that rule. In said interview, the former star shared an interesting story about a backstage argument he had with The People’s Champion himself, The Rock.

In a recent appearance on the Unsanctioned Podcast, Johnson discussed a wide range of topics, but none more potentially controversial than his recollection of how he and The Rock had some backstage heat with each other. According to Johnson, he overheard Triple H and Shawn Michaels apologizing to The Rock for “making black jokes” in his presence. Responding to the two DX members, Rock supposedly said that he’s “not black,” and that he was the product of an affair his mother had with a white man. In reality, The Rock’s father is former WWE World Tag Team Champion Rocky Johnson, who is a black Canadian.


Johnson went on to explain that The Rock was “[as] serious as a heart attack” when he denied his heritage to Triple H and Michaels, but ultimately admitted that he was “just bulls***ting” the two real-life best buddies. This got Ahmed very upset, as he felt that it was disrespectful for the young third-generation WWE Superstar to deny the fact that a hard-working legend like Rocky Johnson is his father.

After The Rock supposedly told Johnson that it was “none of [his] business,” both men got into a fistfight, which was broken up by Rocky’s fellow Nation of Domination members, Ron (Faarooq) Simmons and Charles (The Godfather) Wright.

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In addition to the aforementioned story of a backstage scuffle with The Rock, Ahmed Johnson also took shots at Teddy Long, as he threatened to slap the WWE Hall of Famer and former SmackDown General Manager for calling him an idiot. Wrestling News also noted that Johnson accused The New Day of “shucking and jiving” on Vince McMahon’s command, even if it’s well-established that the popular tag team/stable comes up with most of its act.

Although it's not the first time Ahmed Johnson recalled his old beef with The Rock in a shoot interview, Wrestling News pointed out that there are inconsistencies between his present account and the one he gave over a decade ago to HighSpots.The most notable difference was that Johnson doesn't reference DX or Rocky Johnson in the older interview. There's also his frequent tendency to bury his old WWE colleagues and newer Superstars alike, which paints the picture of a bitter old wrestler with more than a few axes to grind. As such, this new retelling of the Ahmed Johnson/The Rock backstage heat story is interesting indeed, but one best taken with a Texas-sized grain of salt.

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