AJ Styles Bashed For Praising Mauro Ranallo, Has Phenomenal Response

AJ Styles is the latest WWE Superstar to mix it up with fans on social media over AEW, this time defending an NXT announcer.

It seems like a regular occurrence that wrestlers get into spats with fans or other wrestlers on social media platforms like Twitter. One performer who has typically avoided all of that and is seen as a real locker room leader in the business, is taking his turn.

Styles recently appeared on NXT this past Wednesday and likely having watched the show back and gotten a first-hand glimpse at one of the more beloved announcers in wrestling. Styles took to Twitter to call announcer Mauro Ranallo one the best in the business. Styles tweeted, "@mauroranallo is easily the best commentator in the biz."

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A fan — obviously of AEW — tried to call out Styles for his opinion and said, "Stop acting like you don't know who @JRsBBQ is cause you work in that "universe" where no other company exists. I love @mauroranallo and he should be calling Raw but he's not better then @JRsBBQ or @tonyschiavone24."

Styles saw the tweet and responded back saying:

"Normally I don't reply to real morons, but you've earned it. @mauroranallois one of the busiest commentators not only in wrestling, but in sports that people get knocked out. Why do you think that's so? You simple minded idiot."

Styles is 100% Right

Outside of the fact Styles is welcome to his own opinion, most fans would probably agree with his assessment. At one time, Ross was the best in the business and while he’s still good, his best years are behind him as an announcer. Shiavonne is good too, but his role on AEW Dynamite isn’t even where he was originally hired to work. He hasn’t been on recent broadcasts and did not announce Full Gear on Saturday. But Ranallo is easily considered the top commentator in the business by many fans and his peers.

Not to mention, Styles tweet likely had nothing to do with Ross or AEW, but was simply a compliment to someone who deserved it.

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