AJ Styles And Daniel Bryan Mock Kurt Angle's Big Announcement

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan took to Twitter following Kurt Angle's revelation on Raw to mock the GM and his latest storyline.

Ever since Kurt Angle revealed that he was going to tell the world his deep, dark secret on Raw the internet has been awash with what it possibly could be. Well, on Monday night our Olympic Hero made good on his promise and told us all what exactly was eating him up inside for weeks. It turns out that, within the realms of WWE of course, American Alpha's Jason Jordan is the long lost son of the Raw General Manager.

Many speculated that it could be the revelation of an illegitimate son, and those speculations were correct. With the presence of social media, it's a tricky angle to pull off, and that was demonstrated from a couple of people very close to home after it took place. Kurt's SmackDown Live counterpart Daniel Bryan, as well as his friend AJ Styles, were two names poking fun at the fact that Jordan had been revealed to be Angle's son.

Both Styles and Bryan took to Twitter to make light of the angle. Bryan replied to a confused Chad Gable, who has seemingly been left behind by his tag-team partner, saying that next week on SmackDown Live he would get to find out who his real father is, joking that it was the "Yes Man" himself. Styles came at it from a different perspective, owning up to a fan that he was, in fact, the Young Bucks real father.

This isn't the first time WWE has pushed forward with a story line revolving around a Superstar being revealed as a fellow employee's son. Hornswoggle was once supposedly the illegitimate son of none other than Vince McMahon. It was a poorly put together angle and one that fell flat on its face, so here's hoping WWE doesn't encounter the same pitfalls with this latest manifestation of the long lost child route.


There was a lot of build to Kurt Angle's revelation, and some fans are naturally a little disappointed with what it has turned out to be. The story is still young, and as of right now it's unclear as to where exactly WWE is going with this latest angle. It will undoubtedly unfold in the coming weeks and hopefully, we will be left pleasantly surprised by what WWE has for us.

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