AJ Styles Replaces Bray Wyatt At TLC 2017

WWE has changed the match at TLC on Sunday so that AJ Styles will now be wrestling in place of the absent Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt has been absent from Raw and off the road with WWE for two weeks now and up until a couple of days ago, no one seemed to know why. His real-life brother Bo Dallas has also been off TV too, as well as his girlfriend and ring announcer Jojo Offerman, and it turns out, the reason behind it all is because the three have potentially been struck down with a meningitis virus.

Apparently, WWE was keeping Wyatt away from his brother in an attempt to keep him healthy for TLC on Sunday. The Eater Of Worlds is scheduled to take on Finn Balor in a match that has been getting a lot of airtime on Raw the last few weeks, even without Wyatt there to further the angle. Well, a little over 48 hours removed, and it seems that WWE had to throw in the towel.


It was reported on WWE.com on Friday afternoon, that the match has now officially been changed. Instead of Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor will now be donning his Demon paint for a landmark match with SmackDown Live's AJ Styles. How exactly WWE plans to sell an angle between the two considering they are on completely separate shows remains to be seen, but The Phenomenal One has been deemed the best choice to replace Wyatt.

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For hardcore wrestling fans Balor versus Styles may be one of the top matches that's yet to happen in WWE. Two former leaders of the Bullet Club and arguably two of the top wrestlers on the planet right now. We may be about to get the first showdown between the two with literally no build, but considering how flat the Sister Abigail angle has fallen, then maybe this very late change is a good thing.


Balor versus Styles may well have been the biggest match on the card at TLC and trumped The Shield's reunion if it wasn't for the other news coming out of Titan Towers today. As well as Styles' inclusion on the card The Shield's leader Roman Reigns has also had to be replaced, by Kurt Angle! Sunday's pay-per-view has now gone from being a one-match card to a show that simply cannot be missed. What a shame that it's at the expense of some of the Superstars' health and here's hoping that Reigns, Wyatt, Dallas and Jojo get well soon.

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