AJ Styles Details Saudi Arabia Ordeal

AJ Styles has relayed his account of getting kept in Saudi Arabia much longer than he'd planned for.

WWE's Crown Jewel PPV in the country has been the cause of much controversy as the promotion's stars were delayed for over 24 hours when attempting to fly back home after the show.

The delay resulted in several stars missing SmackDown on Friday night, with NXT having to augment to ensure the show went on.

Speaking via a Mixer stream, Styles detailed the experience, claiming that the whole thing was overblown, although he admitted that the reasons they were given for the delay made very little sense.

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“We got to the airport, they weren’t letting us board," he said. "What was the problem? Not real sure. I heard there was a fuel truck in the way and the guy who drove the fuel truck had left to go home.

"I know, this makes no sense. Why would he leave if he knows he has a plane that’s leaving? Then there were some paperwork issues. Finally, after 4-5 hours, we get on the plane. Then the ‘fuel something or another’ was broken. People can say, ‘It wasn’t broken.’ But I talked to the pilot and he said, ‘Listen, there was a problem. That’s a real thing.’

"The problem was, we spent all that time, from 1 o’clock to 6 or 8 in the morning, waiting to get on the plane and them telling us we can’t go anywhere because the pilots had timed out. The pilots can only go so long before they’re not able to fly because they’re not able to go 24 hours at a time. They had to go to a hotel, we had to find a hotel. Were there guns and people like ‘EVERYBODY OFF THE PLANE!’ No, that never happened. Nobody threatened to kill us. Nobody was gonna get murdered.”

Despite the inconvenience and disappointment, Styles has refused to bash WWE as he claims he doesn't know the real reason for what happened.

“I have no idea what happened between Vince and [Mohammad bin Salman]. That’s not my job to say anything," he explained. "Was I pretty angry about not getting home because I missed my son’s wrestling match? You have no idea. This was out of our hands and out of the pilot’s hands.

"There’s no point in getting mad about something I have no control of. We’ll find out as we go along why things happened. Or we won’t. I don’t know what’s going to happen going forward. I’ll deal with it when I need to. But I’m not gonna throw WWE under the bus either. It’s not gonna do me any good to throw anybody under the bus. Until I know more, I’m not gonna say anymore or say anything negative. If I did find out and I was offended, I would go to the source.”

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A Sensible Approach

AJ's reaction should be applauded as he's being pretty straightforward here. It makes little sense making accusations when you don't have all the information as it relates to a particular situation.

As he said, we may never know exactly what went down, despite all of the reports offering theories. But we can almost be sure that something was not right with all of this.

Transcription via Fightful

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