Watch A.J. Styles And Shinsuke Nakamura Tease WrestleMania Match

The WWE will be delivering a dream match for many when A.J. Styles steps into the ring with Brock Lesnar on Sunday, November 19th at Survivor Series. Styles is one of those wrestlers who, when pitted against a number of different WWE Superstars, could have those matches labeled dream matches.

One such opponent would be Shinsuke Nakamura who Styles faced before in NJPW, but neither has faced each other in a one-on-one match while a part of the WWE roster. It's a match many would like to see and more would love to watch as part of a WrestleMania card. Fans might get their wish.

To finish up their live tour in Florence, Italy, Styles and Nakamura were part of some tag matches. Standing as the victors, as the show was closing fans started to chant "WrestleMania", "WrestleMania" and both competitors were taken with the chants. Styles grabbed the mic and offered a suggestion to Nakamura.


Styles laid the title on the mat, got on the mic and said a WrestleMania match with Nakamura would be too sweet. The crowd ate it up and now many will be wondering if this is a plan for the WWE heading into their biggest show? Styles versus Nakamura would be an unbelievable bout and whether it included the WWE Championship or not, that match would be one of the more anticipated matches on the entire card.

When Styles won the WWE Title in a surprising match on SmackDown Live, it really meant all bets were off as to the progression of the storylines involving some of the WWE's biggest talents. If the company chooses to go Styles versus Nakamura, you won't hear many, if any, complaining. Everyone else in the WWE will need to pull up their socks if they want to measure up to that match.

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