AJ Styles Spoke At WWE Talent-Only Meeting [Rumor]

Things appear to be a little tense in the WWE locker room as of late.

Following last Thursday's Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, WWE superstars and crew members were unable to board a flight home for Friday. It was reportedly due to a "mechanical" issues, though rumors suggested that there was a disagreement about pay between Vince McMahon and Saudi Arabia. WWE denied this notion in a statement.

A large number of WWE superstars had to miss last Friday's episode of SmackDown Live in Buffalo, New York. Because of this, WWE recruited plenty of NXT superstars to arrive and help fill up the show.

It was reported that there was a meeting between WWE superstars prior to this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Dave Meltzer reported that Seth Rollins led the meeting and gave a "rah-rah" speech, apparently telling superstars to avoid discussing the flight issues on social media.

However, Rollins took to Twitter and denied this news, even calling out Meltzer for "spreading complete lies." Meltzer responded and apologized, saying he didn't want to "spread misinformation."

According to WrestleVotes, Rollins indeed didn't speak at the meeting, and that AJ Styles actually did so at the meeting. The Phenomenal One is reportedly "well respected backstage".

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Styles joined the WWE in 2016, and he's become one of the top main event talents on the roster. The former WWE Champion has made it clear that he plans to retire when his current deal expires.

WWE Locker Room Must Stay Afloat

WWE needs its superstars to stick together and remain on the same page during a stressful time. The traveling problems from last week are done with now, and everybody has to stay focused ahead of Survivor Series. Not only that, but WWE has to remain intent on staying ahead of AEW in the young Wednesday Night Wars. But with strong veteran leaders like Styles and Rollins leading the way,  the atmosphere in the WWE locker room should remain strong and clean.

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