AJ Styles Talks Why He Jumped To WWE And What He Sees For His Wrestling Future

All the rumors and expectations came to fruition back at the Royal Rumble when AJ Styles walked out as entrant number 3. Since then he has lived up to the hype with three high-quality matches versus Chris Jericho and now the two have teamed up to form Y2AJ and are going to be going up against The New Day with the tag team title on the line.

AJ did an interview with Rapzilla recently and spoke about why he made the jump to the WWE from NJPW:

"I think the jump was due to timing... Being in Japan, being away from home, was pretty scary because if something happened, I would have to jump on a plane and go home, and that scared me."

And as for how he sees his future in wrestling:

"I’d say I’m in my prime now. You don’t really get there until you’re in your thirties. Unless you have been wrestling the top guys for a long time you really don’t get that experience... I feel like I really got that now. I’m able to capitalize on the things I normally wouldn’t. Now is a good time as any."

"Experience is everything…it’s just like life. We learn from everything we’ve faced in our lives and we know what not to do. Everything that’s happened to me no matter where I’ve been has worked to this point now. I get it, this is where I need to be. I belong in the WWE."

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AJ Styles Talks Why He Jumped To WWE And What He Sees For His Wrestling Future