Alberto Del Rio Throws Paige Under The Bus While Apologizing To Triple H

Alberto Del Rio had yet another ugly exit from the WWE in 2016, and has since taken his talents to Impact Wrestling. Del Rio received a suspension for violating the company's wellness policy, and grew frustrated when they failed to deliver on a promise of giving him another major push.

Del Rio and WWE female superstar Paige got engaged in late 2016, but broke up just a couple of months ago. At first, Del Rio said they ended the relationship on good terms, but their conflicting work schedules made it impossible to stay together.

But Del Rio seems to have flipped his feelings completely. In a recent interview with Medio Tiempo, Del Rio said that when he went to admit his mistakes to Triple H, he threw Paige under the bus:

"I personally apologized to Triple H for the issues we had when I was in a bad relationship with my ex-partner. She and her entire family made me believe that they affected our relationship. She made me believe that the videos [Paige and Maddox] and all that was happening outside to her was perpetrated by Triple H and the company.

At the time I believed her, because she was my partner. I defended her by heart and sword, then things were different. Later I realized how wrong I was to place my trust in that person. I deeply regret my words and apologized to Triple H, his wife and WWE. They understood me."


This is a totally different story from what was originally reported. As mentioned above, Del Rio and Paige seemed to have ended the relationship on friendly terms. To blame his ex while making amends with the WWE was a major twist nobody could have expected.

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Del Rio recently admitted that he was let go by the WWE in 2016 following a confrontation with an official. Apparently, the employee said something racist towards Del Rio, so he responded by slapping the unnamed official. Triple H then called Del Rio and let him know that they were cutting him loose.

Del Rio now performs in Impact Wrestling as Alberto Del Patron. Though he did apologize to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he's left the company under bitter circumstances twice. A return to the WWE seems very unlikely at this time.

We'll see if Paige counters with Del Rio's shots at her.


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