Alberto Del Rio Arrested In Austria After Brawl At Nightclub And Police Station

Alberto Del Rio was arrested in Austria this past Friday, according to Austrian news website Krone. Following an indie show in Leoben, Del Rio and his brother El Hijo del Dos Cara were involved in a fight at a nightclub.

Del Rio was released from police custody but the incident kept Del Rio in Austria for 24 hours more than he had planned, as he had plans to visit Paige in Tampa, at RAW yesterday.

After the fight, the man they fought was taken to a hospital, while Del Rio and his brother were taken to a local precinct. The two then got into a fist fight with each other at the precinct, apparently because Del Rio was trying to calm his brother down. His brother is still hospitalized in Austria. Del Rio had to be restrained in ankle shackles after he destroyed the ties that were originally used to restrain his arms. Reports also said the brawl left the walls bloody.

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