Alberto Del Rio Returning To Impact At Bound For Glory

Things have been kind of messy for Impact lately, but a big name is returning, and that could right the ship.

Alberto Del Rio is set for an Impact return. It looked as though Alberto Del Rio's behavior outside the ring and the accompanying departure of Jeff Jarrett from Anthem Sports and Impact Wrestling meant the former champion was pretty much finished with the company. He was stripped of the Global Force Wrestling title, had to publicly comment on his absence and any connections to future employment seemed lost. But, that may not, in fact, be the case.

No charges were filed against Del Rio over his incident with Paige at an airport earlier in 2017, and things over the past couple months seemed to have settled. It appears that's the case anyway as the most recent episode of Impact, made an announcement that Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) will be returning at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) this November.


So too, it appears as though the drama that brought about Patron's departure will be worked into his return storyline. The promo asks what he intends to do after being stripped of the belt and who he'll target. That leaves the possibilities wide open, but one person it won't be is Jim Cornette, who was the last person to comment on Patron but has since left Impact and has been involved in a number of external controversies outside the company (likely not to return).


For Del Rio, this is huge news and a likely relief. He'd pretty much burned every bridge available to him in the wrestling industry over the past year. While Paige is working on an open invitation to return to the WWE, Del Rio doesn't have that option after constantly knocking the WWE and Triple H—someone he has a personal beef with for some unknown reason.

How long Del Rio lasts upon his return to Impact is anyone's guess. He has a history of quick in's and out's, but if he's learned a lesson in all of this, it's that options may run thin and that he's not nearly as desired a talent as he may deem himself to be.

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Alberto Del Rio Returning To Impact At Bound For Glory