Alberto Del Rio's Future In GFW In Question

For fans who watched Global Force Wrestling's Impact program this week, many might have been surprised to see mouth-piece Jim Cornette make a return on Thursday. Taking a break from his seemingly endless feud with Vince Russo, Cornette appeared from the backstage area instead of Bobby Lashley who was about to be crowned the new (or old depending on how you look at it) GFW champion by Bruce Pritchard. Cornette promptly let the crowd know he was brought in by corporate to do what needed to be done, and he started by firing Pritchard on the spot.

Instead of allowing the company to recrown Lashley the champion, Cornette cut a promo announcing a 20-man Gauntlet Match will take place on Impact next week to name a new GFW Unified Champion.

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Dave Meltzer pointed out on Wrestling Observer Radio that Cornette “totally buried Alberto El Patron” this week (and published by WrestleZone), and hinted that this might signal the end of Alberto El Patron's  time in GFW. If this is the case, it should be no surprise considering the public-relations nightmare Patron (formerly known as Alberto Del Rio) has been while involved in a relationship with WWE's female talent Paige. He's been in trouble for domestic battery issues, public intoxication, and assault charges, which doesn't make him an ideal talent to lead a company trying to make a comeback in wrestling under new ownership.

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In earlier reports, there was speculation that Patron volunteered to be stripped of the GFW Title. The former Del Rio wanted people to believe that it was at his suggestion things were moving in the direction they were. Those who watched the program found out that this may not be the case.

During Cornette’s in-ring promo at Destination X, he clarified that GFW made the call to strip Patron of the title, and that Patron did not volunteer to relinquish the title himself. Before being fired, Bruce Prichard’s  also wished El Patron the “best in his future endeavors”, hinting that GFW fans won't be seeing Patron anytime soon.

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With rumors swirling that GFW is looking to bring in Rey Mysterio, removing Patron would make sense. An expensive acquisition, GFW may have determined that if they've got a shot with Mysterio, they have their star of the company and can shed themselves of Patron's public relations issues.

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