Alberto Del Rio (Alberto Patron) left WWE under less-than-ideal circumstances. He then spent his time away in the spotlight for a variety of wrong reasons, including a domestic abuse charge against WWE Superstar Paige and some rifts with Impact/Global Force Wrestling which cost him time in the company and a potential rumored release. He’d even considered retirement due to a lack of happiness in the industry.

In a recent audio interview, Del Rio went into detail regarding his time in Impact, where he’s going to go in 2018 and how he likes working with the company versus his time in WWE. At one point in the interview, Del Rio said:

“People think that everything is scripted in wrestling, and some of the stuff it is, but when they let you go out and be you, to be yourself and just do it on the fly, it feels better and people appreciate that even more. It is natural… when I went back to Impact Wrestling for Bound For Glory, I was just telling the truth and I was just speaking from the heart. I was making people open their eyes to the situation and it is going to continue being like that as long as I am in Impact. Again, I have the freedom to say what I think. I know that is the reason the fans are enjoying it even more.”


Del Rio also explained that people have asked him regularly why he looks so much more energized now than he did even a year ago and he explained the big reason is creative freedom. Because he didn’t have the freedom in the other company (WWE) to do what he wanted or say what he wanted it was stifling. Del Rio is no longer handcuffed and has learned to appreciate Impact for that freedom and they appreciate what he’s doing.

Later in the interview, he explained that the company (Impact) is very happy with him and he is very happy with them. He sees no reason things can’t continue and he’s excited that the fans love what he’s doing even more. 

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