Alberto Del Rio Investigated For Domestic Battery (Updated)

Update: TMZ released a sound clip from the alleged incident where Del Rio and Paige are in an argument.  Though some parts are inaudible, it's clear to hear Paige tell Del Rio to leave her alone saying "Just stay out of my life. Leave me the f*ck alone. I’m trying to get away from you."

Alberto Del Rio, who currently wrestles under the name Alberto El Patron,  is reportedly being investigated for domestic battery following an incident at an airport in Florida on Sunday afternoon.

It's starting to feel like a day rarely goes by when Del Rio and/or his significant other Paige aren't making wrestling headlines, and today is no different. Apparently, the current GFW World Champion was detained in a Florida airport yesterday following an altercation with a female companion. While it's assumed that the companion in question was the aforementioned Paige, that is yet to be officially confirmed.

Police were called to the airport in Florida at around 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 9, 2017 when an argument between Del Rio and his female travel partner began to escalate. Witnesses who were at the airport described it as an altercation between the two. Alberto was not arrested and no charges have been pressed, however, the former WWE Champion was detained for a period of time following the incident.

The new was first broken by TMZ with the website claiming that Del Rio is being investigated following the incident at the airport on July 9, 2017. PWInsider have since shed some more light on the situation also. A reader of their's who was at the scene informed them of the incident and after hearing of it the site contacted Orlando Police Department. The police confirmed that it was a domestic violence battery case but no arrest had yet been made.

Paige tweeted out after this story started to pick up steam saying the incident didn't involve her. Rather, it was between Del Rio and a fan who threw a drink at the wrestler. Paige went on to say they were the party to report the incident to authorities.

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As mentioned previously, Del Rio has been making the news a lot recently. The Mexican superstar has been using his platform with GFW to publicly air his grievances about his former employers, the WWE. He and Paige are also in and out of the news with their relationship status remaining unclear, though this incident does show the two are still seeing each other.


While this all seems very bad at first glance, there is a chance that whatever happened at Orlando airport over the weekend may have been misunderstood or blown out of proportion. After all, at the time of typing this, no arrests have been made and officials at the scene didn't see any need to hold Del Rio for longer than the short time that they did. More details will likely emerge over the next day or two, however, and whatever happened and who exactly was involved will be clearer.

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