Alberto Del Rio On What Really Happened The Night Of Paige's "Arrest"

There has been a lot of speculation about what actually happened last Sunday night with WWE Superstar Paige, after Money In The Bank. The first reports were that she had been arrested and than a video came out of her being detained and put into the back of an ambulance. so, what really happened?

Well, according to her boyfriend Albert Del Rio, who was there that night: He and Paige had gone to an "Absinthe show" in Vegas after MITB. While there, a drunk couple started to heckle them.

It got so bad that Del Rio called security to remove the couple. However, after the show the couple confronted Paige and Del Rio and caused some trouble (Paige was accosted), which got the police called and everyone got put into handcuffs in order to calm the entire situation down. In the ambulance, they checked on Paige and then they were free to go.

The following day Del Rio and Paige told WWE management what had happened and were praised for handling things the right way and being professional.

Alberto told the story on a recent episode of MLW Radio and you can listen to the full podcast of said episode here.

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