Alberto Del Rio And Paige Airport Incident Timeline

Three weeks ago an incident occurred at Orlando airport between pro wrestling couple Paige and Alberto Del Rio, or El Patron depending on where you know him from. Considering the length of time it's been since the altercation took place, and the sheer amount the incident has been reported on, it's pretty amazing that we still don't really know 100% of the details surrounding what went on that day. This timeline will aim to help un-muddy those waters for you and clear up everything that has happened so far, including the latest developments that took place over this past weekend.

The Initial Incident

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It has been over two weeks now since the actual airport incident took place between the two. On July 9, 2017, Del Rio and Paige were reported to have had a falling out at Orlando airport. Original reports claimed that Paige had tried to get away from Del Rio who grabbed her and was subsequently detained at the airport for a number of hours. Police were allegedly called to deal with the incident, witnesses described the coming together as an altercation, and that Del Rio smelled like beer. The obvious assumptions following those initial reports were that an inebriated Del Rio caused an argument with Paige, went too far and been detained for his troubles.


A Recording Emerges

Shortly after the first reports of the story were emerging, TMZ managed to obtain a recording of the aftermath following whatever happened between Paige and fiancé Del Rio While much of the recording is inaudible, it is pretty obvious that the two people arguing are the couple in question. What's clear from the recording is that Paige is trying to get away from Del Rio as she repeatedly asks him to 'leave her the f*ck alone'. It's this recording that led to some of the still standing confusion arising. It seemed pretty clear that Del Rio was the one trying to get Paige arrested, and the GFW Champion claimed he was the one who had been assaulted.

Paige's Brother's Plea For Help

In the days that followed, there was no official word from Del Rio or Paige. The first person of note to speak out on what had allegedly gone on was Paige's brother, Zak Bevis. Also a pro wrestler back in his and Paige's native of Great Britain, Bevis posted a status on Facebook with some very worrying comments about what he believed his sister Paige to be going through. Zak claimed that Paige had been taken advantage of by Brad Maddox back when she was just a teenager and that now she was with someone who "thinks he's a tough guy cause he beats my sister and has money to cover his tracks,"—referring to Del Rio.

Alberto Suspended By GFW

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Global Force Wrestling, formerly known as TNA, of course, put a lot of faith in Alberto Del Rio since signing him. The Mexican star won the main event at this year's Slammiversary to unite the TNA and GFW World Championships. That being said, this whole situation between Del Rio and his fiancée must be a bit of a headache for them. Following the airport altercation GFW really had no other choice but to suspend their World Champion pending the result of the investigation. Lucky for them, they already had a few weeks worth of tapings in the bag so didn't need to strip Del Rio of the title.

Paige Speaks Out

On the same day Del Rio was suspended by GFW, Paige finally spoke out about the whole incident and attempted to clear up some of the ambiguity surrounding what happened at the airport. Paige admitted that it was her being held on battery charges at the airport following her's and Del Rio's altercation. Although she hadn't hit Del Rio like some reports had claimed, she had thrown a beer over him, which she also pointed out explained why he smelled of alcohol. Following the recording that had been released everything that Paige stated seemed to add up.

Del Rio No Longer A Suspect

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This past weekend some harder evidence that Paige's account of what happens is actually true came to light when the Orlando Police Department confirmed Del Rio is no longer a suspect in the case. At the time of typing this, police still believe that Paige should be charged with battery for her actions at against Alberto at the airport and the State Attorney's Office is currently reviewing the case. Following Del Rio being cleared, it's to be expected that his suspension from GFW will soon be lifted, but as of yet that is not the case.


Worrying Photos From Camp Paige

What has also surfaced over the weekend is a photo of Paige with members of the Del Rio family in which some fans have pointed out the former Divas' Champion does not look well. The photograph added further fuel to the fire started by Paige's brother that his sister is not well, and he fears "she will end up like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse." Paige was a lot quicker to react to this latest development, however. The WWE Superstar posted a photo of herself via her own social media blaming the lack of a good bra and poor lighting on the previous photo, adding 'you guys sure have a way with words to make a girl feel good'.

So, this is everything we know. What do you think about the drama surrounding Alberto Del Rio and his fiancée Paige?

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