Alberto Del Rio No Longer Suspect In Domestic Battery Case

GFW World Champion Alberto El Patron is no longer a suspect in the ongoing investigation into the airport altercation between him and Paige.

The roller coaster ride that is the Orlando airport incident between El Patron, formerly known as Alberto Del Rio, and his partner and fellow pro wrestler Paige continues to unfold. For maybe the first time since the altercation took place, it's actually good news emerging from the Del Rio-Paige camp as it seems Del Rio is no longer a suspect in the Orlando Police Department's ongoing investigations.

The investigation into exactly what happened in the Florida airport that weekend is still ongoing, but since Paige is the one allegedly being charged with domestic violence, Del Rio will obviously no longer be a suspect. If all of this information is true, then all signs would point toward Paige's explanation of the airport incident to be a factual account of the situation. Paige claimed that she was the one who over reacted and threw a drink over the GFW Champion.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on the latest twist in the tale of Del Rio and Paige, confirming that Orlando Police Department stated Del Rio was no longer a suspect in the investigation. Del Rio was suspended by GFW pending the investigation, and it's still unclear if that suspension will now be lifted since he is no longer investigation. Pro Wrestling Sheet reached out to his employers but as of yet, they've not responded.

As details of what's going on behind the scenes with Paige and Del Rio's relationship emerge, the whole situation somehow becomes both clearer and murkier at the same time. While Paige seemingly cleared up the matter by admitting it was her fault that things got out of hand at Orlando airport, she didn't explain the statement released by her brother about him being worried about her well being. Amazingly, Paige has also remained an employee of WWE through all of this—something that's even more surprising considering the derogatory comments from Del Rio about the company.


Paige is clearly becoming more and more aggravated with her dirty laundry being aired out in the open on an almost daily basis right now. Unfortunately, when you're in the public eye that's just the way it is—especially when you fall out with your partner in a public place. Del Rio may be in the clear when it comes to the current investigation involving the two of them, but as it stands the former Divas' Champion is still considered a suspect by the Orlando PD.

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