Alberto Del Rio Teases Retirement

Some wrestlers don't know when to leave. But this former champion may be retiring while he can still put on great matches.

If there's one person in wrestling who could still perform in the ring but fans wouldn't be surprised to hear is considering retirement, it's Alberto Del Rio. More notorious for his out-of-the-ring antics and reputation than perhaps his accomplishments in the ring, Del Rio is often the target of media and Internet sites when it comes to news, gossip, and rumors.

It's the constant chatter that has Del Rio considering retirement from the wrestling industry. During an Impact Wrestling Media Call, Del Rio covered a number of topics and among them was his future plans. Citing that he loves the wrestling fans, Del Rio was tired of the frustrations that come with the business. He specifically mentioned “keyboard warriors and the dark side of the business,” as reasons to consider doing something else.


For fans who might be saddened by this news, one thing to consider is that Del Rio is both known to change his mind and isn't looking at calling it quits immediately.

Del Rio had run-ins with his employers and the business before but always managed to find his way back to the industry when either the paycheque was there to do so or other resources were exhausted. He's also mentioned that before he goes, he'd like to do a farewell tour.

It's tricky to say whether or not Del Rio believes his career has earned him a "farewell tour" and where exactly that tour will lead him. Will fans come out in droves to say goodbye? Will enough wrestling promotions want to bring him in as a draw knowing he won't be back? All that remains to be seen.

What we know right now is that Del Rio intends to work through the entire 2018 calendar year and then consider his options. To his credit, there was a time the Del Rio was a big name in the wrestling business. It's a matter of opinion if that is still the case today.EL


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Alberto Del Rio Teases Retirement