Alberto Del Rio Reveals How Triple H Made Him Cry

Alberto Del Rio (now Alberto El Patron with Impact Wrestling), had two tenures with the WWE, both ending in bitter terms. He was fired by the company in 2014 after a confrontation with another WWE employee.

Del Rio returned in 2015, but left last summer after he grew disgruntled with the company for not pushing him and giving two-time WWE Champion "empty promises." There's no doubting that Del Rio and WWE officials had a rough working relationship, and he hasn't been afraid to reveal the stories.

Appearing on the Keeping It 100 with Konnan podcast, Del Rio talked about the incident that got him fired, and how he responded. The employee reportedly made a racist joke towards Mexicans, and Del Rio slapped him. He was later assured that "everything was going to be fine," and WWE understood "he crossed the line."


But Del Rio shared the details about how he received the news, as well as his reaction:

"Several days later Triple H called me and said that they had to let me go. I was shocked. He made fun of me and disrespected me yet I'm the one being fired? He responded by saying that he understood, but that they will call me later, just lay low for a while. I said that if you let me go right now I am going to go work somewhere else, and he stated that if I did that then I may lose the possibility to come back to WWE, and then I said that if that was the case then so be it. I ended up putting the phone down. It was a rough day where I was even crying."

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After his termination, Del Rio quickly jumped to AAA, where he had previously worked from 2000-02. He then joined other wrestling promotions, including World Wrestling Council, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground and others.

Del Rio is not the only superstar to have a bitter and controversial departure from the WWE. Guys like Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Ryback and even Hulk Hogan have left under not-so-friendly circumstances.

He has become a main event star in Impact Wrestling, and appears content there. For Del Rio, it may be best for him to stay away from WWE from now on, considering he hasn't been able to establish a good working relationship there.



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