Alberto El Patron Takes A Shot At WWE After Slammiversary Win

Alberto El Patron took a dig at his former employers WWE once the cameras were off at Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary on Sunday.

Alberto El Patron, formerly known in WWE as Alberto Del Rio, stood tall on Sunday night following the main event of Impact Wrestling's, now Global Force Wrestling, main event. Alberto went one on one with Bobby Lashley and the Mexican's win means he is now the first ever unified Impact Wrestling and GFW World Champion. The former WWE Champion wasn't done for the night following his landmark win however.

Once the cameras were off at the Impact Zone in Orlando, El Patron took the opportunity to further entertain the in house crowd by doing what he seemingly enjoys doing most, taking shots at WWE. Patron actually looked like he simply wanted to show respect to his opponent, and rightly so as they had battled for over half an hour in the night's main event. However once he was done thanking Bobby he turned his attention to slamming WWE.

PWInsider reported on the after show antics and cited that Alberto actually mentioned WWE by name. He also referred to WWE as 'that company full of f*****g losers' as well as 'f*****g sports entertainers'. The second of those comments came off the back of Alberto describing himself and Lashley as being real fighters rather than sports entertainers. Not only had the pair of them just fought, but both Patron and Bobby Lashley have tried their hand at MMA, the latter a lot more than the former.

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Patron parted ways with WWE last year after being suspended following a violation of their wellness policy. Despite the controversy of his departure, it was actually thought that he and WWE left things on relatively good terms. If that was the case then, clearly Patron has changed his mind since. This outburst at the end of Slammiversary isn't the first time since he left WWE that Alberto has bad mouthed the company. The continued absence from WWE television of his partner Paige, although there are rumors that the two have split, is another source of anger for Patron, with the GFW World Champion even accusing Triple H of being responsible for the leaking of her photos and videos earlier this year.


While Alberto clearly isn't the biggest fan of WWE, the ways he goes about trying to let them know continue to seem desperate and petty. Using TNA/GFW as a platform, even after the show had gone off the air, feels like a publicity stunt from both the perpetrator and the company he represents. Talented Superstars seem to find their way back to WWE one way or another despite any previous poor relationship with Vince McMahon and co, but Patron seems to be on the fast track to being blackballed for life from pro wrestling's top table.

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