Alberto El Patron Tries To Take More Shots At WWE, Gets Blocked By GFW

Alberto El Patron attempted to cut another promo on WWE at last week's GFW Impact tapings but had a roadblock thrown up by his current employers.

Alberto El Patron's – formerly Alberto Del Rio – favorite thing is to put down and cut promos on his former employers, WWE. At Global Force Wrestling's biggest show of the year, Slammiversary, earlier this month the company's champion had some choice words for Vince McMahon and co. He said that he and his opponent that night, Bobby Lashley, left WWE because they're real fighters, and that the company is full of losers. Well Patron tried to add to that at the GFW Impact tapings following Slammiversary, but didn't quite get his way.


At the end of the evening Alberto grabbed a mic and announced that it was that time of the evening when he talks about 'that company in Stamford'. However no quicker had he launched into his latest anti-WWE tirade than the higher ups at GFW decided to try and put a stop to it. Patron's music got louder in an attempt to drown him out but allegedly Alberto just began to shout the message he wanted to get across.

As reported by Wrestle Zone, before GFW took their opportunity and tried to deter Patron from saying what he wanted to say the former WWE Champion began talking about his lawyer telling him not to keep ripping on his former employers. Even though he simply raised his voice at first when his music began to get louder, eventually he gave up the fight and left the ring.

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Alberto parted ways with WWE in 2016 following a suspension due to his violation of the company's wellness policy. Although Patron's departure from the company was reportedly amicable, the Mexican's actions since would suggest otherwise. As well as slating, or at least trying to, WWE every time he has a mic in his hand, Patron has also released videos stating how much he hates the company. One of the videos actually accused Triple H of being the mastermind behind Paige's personal photos and videos being leaked.

GFW are currently in the process of re-branding themselves and trying to conjure up a new image. The silencing of Del Rio is a sign of that, and they no longer want to be known as the company that is obsessed with competing against and tarnishing WWE. Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come and the company formerly known as TNA will finally head down their own path.

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