Aleister Black Responds to Rumors He’s Too Satanic For WWE TV

Aleister Black has one of the most unique characters on WWE programming. But, is it too satanic for mainstream tv? One reporter said so. but shouldn't have.

It's hard to know where the information from the report came from. It could have been that Black was not able to attend the Saudi Arabia show because of his many tattoos. It could be because he looks a bit like he's worshiping something. Whatever the reason Billi Bhatti from Dirty Sheets decided to report that Eric Bischoff was having trouble figuring out what to do with Black on SmackDown Live, that information certainly didn't come from Black himself.

The report was passed around social media, basically suggesting that WWE was considering moving Black to another show because Bischoff wasn't sure how to push Black's character. The premise was that he was "too satanic" to be featured on SmackDown and Fox and that he might be a better fit elsewhere. That report made its way to Black who shot it down almost immediately.

Saying, "This is 100% fake." Black suggested there was absolutely no truth to the suggestion WWE was worried about his character or that he might be moved to another brand.

WWE's History With These Types of Enigmatic Characters

Considering some of WWE's most popular characters have been deeply entrenched in dark and brooding origins, it doesn't make much sense to suggest the company has just all of a sudden changed their philosophy on the matter. The Undertaker, Kane, Bray Wyatt and others have all been rooted in some way, shape, or form to similar ideologies and a world that Black currently exists in. It's one of the features of the character fans really love. Black has all the makings of a star and Bischoff has to be smart enough to realize it.

The other thing that stood out after Black shot down the rumor was how many comments pointed to how non-reputable Billi Bhatti is as a journalist. Maybe that's all anyone needed to know if they were at all worried this rumor was true.

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