Alexa Bliss And Nikki Cross Sent To SmackDown In Odd WWE Draft Trade

It was rumored a big trade would be taking place after the WWE Draft and Triple H announced that trade on Fox's FS1 show. While an interesting idea in theory, the trade itself is just a bit odd.

Triple H announced that Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, who were drafted by Monday Night Raw, will be headed back to Friday Night SmackDown in a trade that includes future draft considerations coming the other way.

In a real sports draft scenario, this is the kind of trade that happens often. Sometimes a team will move a player or players to free up cap space money or to get rid of a contract. In this case, salaries aren't public and the war room from Raw had just finished drafting both Bliss and Cross separately days before the trade.

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That's what makes the optics of the trade so strange. The rules of the draft were that tag teams could be drafted as one selection unless a GM or show wanted only one half of the duo. In this case, Raw drafted Bliss and Cross with separate picks and then traded them as one, effectively losing the equivalent value of a draft selection in the process.

All in all, this was just a further example of how unrealistic the WWE Draft was despite the company's best efforts to make it feel, sound and look like a real sports draft.

What Does Future Considerations Mean?

Perhaps more odd, there's been no indication as to what "future considerations" means in terms of  this trade. Does this open the door to roster members moving back and forth at will?

In essence, all this became was a way for WWE to promote the new FS1 show on Fox and then push the idea that Bruce Prichard had taken over as Executive Director for SmackDown.

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